Monday, January 31, 2005

Music - Musical Temperaments and Ratios - Phonature Technology Project Filelist

Jpodder Project Filelist

macosxhints - Printing to Windows shared printers in 10.2
SynCE: "SynCE - hints for Mac OS X

* Get SynCE 0.8 or later.
* To compile SynCE, you first need the Mac OS X Developer Tools.
* You need GNU libiconv and libpoll from Fink.

Set your CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS before running any configure scripts:

export CPPFLAGS='$CPPFLAGS -no-cpp-precomp -I/sw/include'
export LDFLAGS='-L/sw/lib -lpoll'

* If you get the 'multiple definitions of symbol' error message when compiling librapi2 you should patch the 'convenience library bug' in libtool. An alternative solution that may work is to add the --disable-shared parameter when running ./configure in this module.
* Use the LoolixUSBPocketPC driver to connect your Pocket PC device over USB to your Mac.
* Changes needed to compile SynCE 0.9.0 on Mac OS X."
Moodle Docs: Upgrading: "mysqldump moodle > moodle-backup-2002-10-26.sql"
43 Folders: DEVONthink: Integrated Information Manager

Saturday, January 29, 2005 Tool For Thought: "This week's edition of the Times Book Review features an essay that I wrote about the research system I've used for the past few years: a tool for exploring the couple thousand notes and quotations that I've assembled over the past decade -- along with the text of finished essays and books. I suspect there will be a number of you curious about the technical details, so I've put together a little overview here, along with some specific observations. For starters, though, go read the essay and then come back once you've got an overview."

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

VWvortex Forums: Project: Quiet (pics)
Google Groups : "I assume you are looking for 185/60/R14. I have found the Michelin MXV4s to
meet all three criteria very well. I anticipate 160,00km tread life on the
ones I have (same size). They are very good in the wet and not bad in deep
snow compared to dedicated snows, and are absolutely the quietest tires I
have ever owned, even when driving on concrete roads. "
Google Groups : "When my wife and I put the interior back together in her Jetta after the
VR6 swap, we put down a 'sound proof padding' (with foil!) that I picked
up at Pep Boys for like $10 a roll. Two rolls were needed. This stuff
looks like it was made from link pulled out of random pockets at the
laundry matt, and it has a silver foil on 1 side. Easy to cut with a
sharp knife."
ViewCVS: Repository Browsing: "What Is ViewCVS?

ViewCVS is a browser interface for CVS and Subversion version control repositories. It generates templatized HTML to present navigable directory, revision, and change log listings. It can display specific versions of files as well as diffs between those versions. Basically, ViewCVS provides the bulk of the report-like functionality you expect out of your version control tool, but much more prettily than the average textual command-line program output.

Here are some of the additional features of ViewCVS:

* Support for filesystem-accessible CVS and Subversion repositories.
* Individually configurable virtual host support.
* Line-based annotation/blame display (CVS only).
* Revision graph capabilities (via integration with CvsGraph) (CVS only).
* Syntax highlighting support (via integration with GNU enscript).
* Bonsai-like repository query facilities.
* Template-driven output generation.
* Colorized, side-by-side differences.
* Tarball generation (by tag/branch for CVS, by revision for Subversion).
* I18N support based on the Accept-Language request header.
* Ability to run either as CGI script or as a standalone server.
* Regexp-based file searching.
* INI-like configuration file (as opposed to requiring actual code tweaks)."

Monday, January 17, 2005

What is the life span for a Beta fish?: "Given the deplorable conditions that Bettas are kept in many of the chain stores
I think you're probably very lucky to have him survive that long. That's a whole other issue though that I won;t get into.
I personally have had male Bettas live over 5 years with excellant care and I've heard of 10 but that must be very exceptional But they should do well for over 3."
An evening with Googles Marissa Mayer ( "# The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn't know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. Infact it was noted that the submit button was a long time coming and hitting the RETURN key was the only way to burst Google into life.
# Due to the sparseness of the homepage, in early user tests they noted people just sitting looking at the screen. After a minute of nothingness, the tester intervened and asked 'Whats up?' to which they replied 'We are waiting for the rest of it'. To solve that particular problem the Google Copyright message was inserted to act as a crude end of page marker."

Saturday, January 15, 2005

43 Folders: Patching your personal suck
Information management - How to use Gmail as your second brain: "3. USE YOUR NEW 1 gigabyte BRAIN!

When you see a portion of information you want to save from an email discussion list posting or ezine, highlight it, copy it, paste it into an email message and SEND IT TO YOUR BRAIN!

REMEMBER: It isn't necessary to forward the entire message. If you just forward or store the portion that is relevant or useful to you, when it comes time to review or retrieve it you'll find it that much faster with less noise.

TIP: Before you send a message to Your Brain, trim it down, add some notes that will help you later, add some keywords to the bottom of it that you might search under to find it or that you want it to come up in search results under."
Google Directory - Games > Video Games > Simulation > God Games > Sim Games > SimCity Series > SimCity 3000

Saturday, January 08, 2005 Making the Jump to Subversion
macosxhints - Get the most from X!: "I've been using a similar method to get from flac to mp3:

for file in *.flac
flac -c -d '$file' |
lame -h -m s -b 192 - '$(basename '$file' .flac).mp3'

Then I use id3tool (installed via fink) to hack up the tag before importing the files into iTunes. (It's possible to modify the id3 tag from the lame encoder command line, but I prefer to do it externally)."
Many-to-Many: folksonomies controlled vocabularies: "folksonomies controlled vocabularies"

Friday, January 07, 2005

UNIX Answer: Printing UNIX man Pages: "How can I print some UNIX manual pages using the lpr command?

How do I get access to man pages so that I can have them in PostScript format?

To print man pages, use the command line:

man commandname | col -b | ul -t dumb | lpr -Pprinter"

Thursday, January 06, 2005

FAQTs - Knowledge Base - View Entry - How can I use perl at the command line to do a Global Search & Replace within a directory? I want to remove ... but not ...: "Simple search-and-replace is easy with Perl. The one-liner I use is: perl -pi -e 's/search/replace/g' filename where /search/ becomes substituted by /replace/. To substitute the pattern in all files within a directory, simply replace the filename with a the wildcard *, like this:"
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - View Entry - How can I use perl at the command line to do a Global Search & Replace within a directory? I want to remove ... but not ...: "Simple search-and-replace is easy with Perl. The one-liner I use is: perl -pi -e 's/search/replace/g' filename where /search/ becomes substituted by /replace/. To substitute the pattern in all files within a directory, simply replace the filename with a the wildcard *, like this:"
Perl Regular Expressions by Example
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog

I'm using Grep within BBedit 6.1.2 lite, in order to change some data in tables from "regular" time in the format: "0530PM" to military time: "1730"

Essentially, I am able to locate the data I want using:


Which, in the above example returns: "0530"

So here's the question: I want to treat that result as a number, and add 1200 to it to convert it to military time.

Is there a way to do this within BBedit using the replacement patterns, or do I have to go figure out how to write a perl/python/awk/applescript to accomplish this?

Monday, January 03, 2005

Larry's Garmin GPS connector, plug, for eTrex, geko, 60cs.: "This is the first Purple Open Project (POP), and people tell me, the first ShareHardware project ever! So how can we make such a big deal over a little plastic part? Why do people choose a Garmin GPS because of us? Why do people love what we're doing? So much so that they send us money and say things like: 'You restored my faith ...'? Wow! This simple idea and little plastic part can do all that? The answer is: (revised 4/03) Yes! But it's not because or about us, it's because and about you! When you honor a pledge - it happens. All we do is make stuff, learn stuff, and tell people what we learn."
Eagle Mountain City: City Departments - Utilities: "2002 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report:

We're very pleased to provide you with this year's Annual Water Quality Report. We want to keep you informed about the excellent water and services we have delivered to you over the past year. Our goal is and always has been, to provide to you a safe and dependable supply of drinking water."
Google Search: bfi utah county: "BFI (Garbage Pick up: Wednesday!), . .
.785-5935. "
Neil Gaiman: "On a day to day basis I don't give a lot of thought to the me in other people's heads -- whenever I hear stories about 'Neil Gaiman' they are always so strange and unlikely (and, in the main, untrue), and they bear so little resemblance to the me that potters about the garden that I've long since resigned myself to the idea that there is a smooth pale bloke in dark glasses and a leather jacket walking the earth late at night being cool, and then there's me at (mostly) home, who writes stories, and reads bedtime stories to Maddy, and wonders about ways to scare off the asparagus beetles, and copes with deadlines or doesn't."

Saturday, January 01, 2005

GoLive: Real World Adobe GoLive 6: Jeff Carlson, Glenn Fleishman: "Download the Whole Book in PDF form -- Free!

With the book a year old, we made the decision to release the full text in elelectronic form as an Acrobat PDF file. There's no catch. If you like the book electronically, you might consider buying a copy in print. Read our download instructions."
Folksonomies - Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata: "From Tags to Folksonomy
The most popular tags used on Delicious are listed on the right side of the front page. Related tags, as determined programmatically by the system, are listed on the right side of individual tag pages. The organic system of organization developing in Delicious and Flickr was called a ?folksonomy? by Thomas Vander Wal in a discussion on an information architecture mailing list (Smith, 2004). It is a combination of ?folk? and ?taxonomy.?"
GPSy (TM) -- Hardware FAQ: "How do I hook up a GPS receiver to my USB port?
Apple's new iMacs, G3/G4 desktops, and PowerBooks/iBooks come with USB ports rather than the standard serial ports found on older Macintosh computers. This presents problems as GPS units expect standard serial ports for communication. While GPSy and GPSy Pro themselves work fine on these new Macs, you'll can't directly hook your GPS unit up to your USB-only Mac as there are no GPS receivers with USB ports right now."
GPS Connect for Mac OS X: "GPS Connect is a freeware program for Mac OS X which offers waypoint transfer with Garmin GPS receivers. The intended use is to backup waypoints from the GPS to your computer. Downloaded waypoints may be saved in the standard GPX Format (the GPS eXchange Format) or exported to a variety of other formats such as tab delimited and comma separated. The program also supports upload of waypoints to the GPS receiver."
The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest Magazine: "We're shooting through technological rapids that have opened doors and changed the dynamic of work, how we communicate and live, and sometimes even think. All these tools have made our lives easier in many ways. But they're also stirring deep unease. Some are concerned that the need for speed is shrinking our attention spans, prompting our search for answers to take the mile-wide-but-inch-deep route and settling us into a rhythm of constant interruption in which deadlines are relentless and tasks are never quite finished.
Scientists call this phenomenon 'cognitive overload,' and say it encompasses the modern-day angst of stress, multitasking, distraction and data flurries.
In fact, multitasking ? a computing term that involves doing, or trying to do, more than one thing at once ? has cemented itself into our daily lives and is intensely studied. Research has shown it to be consistently counterproductive, often foolish, unhealthy in the long run, and in the case of gabbing on the cell phone while driving, relatively dangerous. Yet it is also expected, encouraged and basically essential. "