Thursday, December 29, 2005 Open Discussion: "So you just have to apply the correct file permissions.?
the starter script xr?
all other files r?
the uploads dir u rwx?
for 1.2.x similar, just that there is no upload
" Open Discussion
Boing Boing: Mr Jalopy's love/hate relationship with the Complete New Yorker: "Reader comment: Glenn Fleishman says: 'The Cartoon Bank almost certainly grosses between $4 million and $10 million a year, and produces a very fine net that may be in the millions. I wrote about the brilliant Bob Mankoff back in 1998 to 2001 in several articles across a few different publications. For instance, back six years ago, he told me that 'On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog' had netted the cartoonist $100,000 for his share. And that was six years ago. They don't release a lot of numbers, but I got some out of him, which is the basis for my wide range based on their projects since.

'In fact, I've argued elsewhere that when The New Yorker has been profitable, it's profit boost must be almost entirely attributable to The Cartoon Bank, which has extremely high margins as it's scaled up: they have a staff and a database, but much of the routine work happens during production of each magazine now that they've scanned all the cartoons in the back issues.' "

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GeekList: Sweet Spots, Gamer Types, and Similarity: "Goa (7.97-1.25-1380-3.5-2)
Louis XIV (7.59-1.11-713-3.13-2)
La Citt? (7.57-1.27-1092-3.27-2)
Maharaja: Palace Building in India (7.73-1.26-832-3.22-2)
Traders of Genoa, The (7.62-1.32-1097-3.32-2)
Bonaparte at Marengo (8.27-1.11-135-3.24-2)
In the Shadow of the Emperor (7.34-1.22-464-3.56-2)
Taj Mahal (7.79-1.30-1267-3.24-2)
Power Grid (8.20-1.23-1959-3.45-2)
Keythedral (7.48-1.05-556-2.90-2)
Reef Encounter (7.77-1.34-310-3.55-2)
Amun-Re (7.66-1.21-1449-3.05-2)
Java (7.12-1.33-766-3.63-2)
L?wenherz (7.47-1.27-725-3.07-2)
Caylus (8.61-1.25-396-3.75-2)
Das Zepter von Zavandor (7.70-1.32-236-3.68-1)
Libert? (7.37-1.30-433-3.68-2)
We the People (7.46-1.32-333-3.35-2)
Hammer of the Scots (7.94-1.46-607-3.26-2)
Tycoon (7.14-1.03-206-2.91-2)
Primordial Soup (7.37-1.15-727-2.72-2)
Wooden Ships & Iron Men (6.91-1.28-407-3.37-1)
WildLife (6.93-1.30-378-3.41-2)
Stephenson's Rocket (7.31-1.34-640-3.17-1)
Santiago (7.57-1.10-563-2.58-2) "
Selecting Resources, Guide to Library Research: "Depending on your topic, different types of resources (the web, newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc.) may be more appropriate than others. You need to be aware of what kind of information is in each type of resource and who the intended audience is. Use the timeline below to learn more:"

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BoardGameGeek: "Big Box Battlefleet, complete with all miniatures. Box is slightly beat up, but still solid. Buy from me now, and i will ship the Next Business Day!

Will happily combine shipping with multiple orders.

SPECIAL! Take 5% off the total price for EACH game you buy from me after the first one!! Maximum 30% off. Save on Shipping, and get an incredible deal"
BGG Thread: User Review: "One possible bit of confusion that might have influenced Tom's review is the incorrect translation of the 'Rotate' card, which in fact means 'take a pawn from one end, move it to the other end, and shift the whole line down one to take its place.' I just picked this one up as well, since a) it looks great and b) someone said it was going out of print soon. From what I read in the rules, there is some pretty great variety in the kinds of maneuvering you can do with the cards, but I think you have to have a certain mind-set or ability to visualize several moves ahead. People who don't like abstracts or have trouble visualizing several transformations ahead will understandably have trouble with Phoenix. Just remember the cards are very versatile...although some only allow you to move or swap pieces a few positions away, it can be either to the left OR the right, and it does NOT dictate which pieces can be switched. In other words, the move doesn't have to look exactly like it looks on the card. Finally, if a five card hand doesn't give you enough choices, you could always bump it up to six or even seven cards with little impact on game balance I think."
Battlestations review, by Tom Vasel: "Fun Factor: If a player isn't scared away by the awesome hugeness of the game and the thick rulebook, they will most likely love the game. It's everything you've seen in almost every science fiction movie - in a game. The replayability is huge, and the game induces the sort of stories like 'Remember the time that Sam loaded himself in the missile, and fired himself at the enemy ship, and missed and hit the sun?', or 'remember when Bob the engineer was cornered by two aliens and killed both with one lucky throw of a grenade'. Games that leave stories like this are worth playing, worth getting involved with, and worth having fun in. " The Optimistic Child: Proven Program to Safeguard Children from Depression & Build Lifelong Resilience: Books: Martin E. Seligman: "'m an Emotional Intelligence coach. I work with adults teaching them EQ competencies, including optimism, and I've seen it work wonders! Since reading this book, I've been teaching it to children with the same results. It's particularly important in children with high IQs. Their propensity to perceive more deeply, and their perfectionism made them set-up for depression. They can get into trouble with their thinking (can't we all!). Seligman's theory works, if you take the time to understand it and follow his instructions. The essence of optimism is not the upward cycle, but being able to avoid the downward spiral when a disappointment, loss or failure occurs. It's a way of thinking that can be changed. Would you like to live 19% longer, enjoy better health, be more likely to fulfill your potential ... all this backed by Seligman's years of research ... and wouldn't you want this for your child?"

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The advantages of being in the weeds ( "

I've worked in a number of different places over the years and the ones I ended up liking the least were the places that allowed people (myself included) to hide. Some companies just have way too many people for the amount of available work. Other times, particular employees have a certain status within the organization that allows them to determine their own schedules and projects. Deadlines are often malleable, meaning that work can pushed off. Inexperienced or nontechnical managers might not have a clue how long a task should take a programmer...budgeting 2 weeks for a six-hour task that seems hard buys one a lot of blog-surfing time. Companies with coasting employees are everything a kitchen isn't; they just feel slow, wasteful, lifeless, and eventually they suck the life out of you too."
Battle Phase Games: Home of Star Fleet Tactics and Samurai Blades: On Deadly Ground
Interview | George R. R. Martin: "Do you have a writing schedule?

I get up every day and work in the morning. I have my coffee and get to work. On good days I look up and it's dark outside and the whole day has gone by and I don't know where it's gone. But there's bad days, too. Where I struggle and sweat and a half hour creeps by and I've written three words. And half a day creeps by and I've written a sentence and a half and then I quit for the day and play computer games. You know, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. [Laughs]

Are your books very carefully plotted? A room with maps or anything?

I keep maps but, no. I don't do any of that. I have a general idea of where I'm going but I let the characters meet me and the twists and turns along the road come out in the writing. | January 2001

Cardhaus Games - Card & Board Games - Settlers of Zarahemla Uberplay Games
GeekList: Checkers set as a game system

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GeekList: Wanted: Computer versions of board games (preferably free). Mac OS X compatible, please. Thanks.: "A second warning: The place is largely german. So is the software. Luckily, if you go to the downloaded folder, find a text file called 'brettspielwelt.prop' and open it using textedit. scroll down to the line which says 'nation=de' and change it to 'nation=en'. Now, much of it will be in english. Don't worry, there are LOTS of english speaking playrs, and they are very helpful. The interface is not terrily firendly, but by poking around and asking questions you'll get the hang of it. "
overstated: Migrating to
Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet

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BGG Thread: Session Report: "I played 'Wings of War': with Mike Chase, Randy Farmer, Dave Beauley, and Chad (err?) last week at 'SB-Yahoo!':
Four games in roughly 120 minutes. Mike proposed several variations on the basic rules which seemed to improve some of the down time, and in particular removed the long circling for position that seemed common in some end-games of the base game. The most critical deltas:

- The shooting distances are increased to 6' and 12' respectively. We used standard wooden measuring rules as commonly found is school classrooms for this.

- Hits are scored when the firing plane can reach any part of the target plane's card. Specifically the attacker does not have to be able to *see* any part of the target plane, just the plane's card.
GeekList: "I Did It My Way"...Games (you think) have been improved by your house rules.: "Variants from Bruno Faidutti's ideal game library:"
Good Experience Games - good games, fun games

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Toshiba Tecra 500CDT - AlsaOpensrcOrg
Martin Ruckert: Linux on the Toshiba 500CDT FAQ - Reviews - States of Grace: "Whereas 'God's Army''God's Army' focused on a longtime missionary and his wet-behind-the-ears protege, 'States of Grace' finds a similar dynamic in the relationship between Elder Lozano (Ignacio Serricchio), a Latino missionary who's literally counting the days until the end of his mission, and Elder Farrell (Lucas Fleischer), a wide-eyed rube seemingly immune to cynicism.New pic's tone is established early on, when the streets of Venice, Calif., become the backdrop for a nerve-jangling drive-by shooting, with Lozano and Farrell caught in the fray. When the hail of bullets stops, they come to the aid of the intended victim, African-American gang member Carl (Lamont Stephens).When Lozano rips off his shirt to make a bandage, he reveals a body filled with gang tattoos and scars from bullet wounds -- vestiges of the life he led before he found God."

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Canon i550 Service Error 5100 - "Re: Canon i550 Service Error 5100 by FIXED IT! (8/31/05 9:43 AM) reply / -
I fixed this f*cker before. Trust me its hard. As Barry pointed out this error is an error within the printer. This error means that there is something obstructing the printing process. Check inside your printer through the gears that you can see under the lid. There should be something obstructing the gears such as dirt or in my case popcorn. There was even some paper caught underneath the rollers that I had to jiggle around to even see. Check VERY thoroughly.

StarWarsBattleForNaboo.PDF (application/pdf Object)
Science Fiction: Land Warfare
Vor the Maelstrom Miniatures Game
Privateer Press Forums -> Hordes Quick Start Rules
[TMP] "Alternatives to Warhammer for a 10 year old?" Topic

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Free Science Fiction Wargames Rules
Formula D?Combat Racing.
|Aaron Dunlap| Mini LED Flashlight!: "That's right folks, something else in an Altoids tin. The tin de'jour is an Altoids Smalls tin, and the function de'jour is being a sweet little flashlight."
View Collections: "This game is a terrific blend of many game concepts I like. Blocks for fog of war. Area movement so it FEELS like a strategy game. Enough meat to keep players of more complex games like Advanced Third Reich happy, but not too much to drive Axis & Allies players away. I've only played with one guy that didn't care for it, but a dozen others love it! The play time is probably about 12-14 hours once you know the game, so it can be finished in a day. Try this game out if you haven't. I got it at Boulder for $63, which is an outstanding value for all the beautiful components. Since it came out about three months ago, I have not played another game besides this is that captivating! Easily one of the best wargames I've played.%uFFFD"

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Crokinole Game: "Our deluxe patented Crokinole Boards with their rich look and feel are the perfect solution for both value and space. Choose the classic 3-in-1 and your family will enjoy playing this timeless game for years to come. Made with patented Crokinole Rails and Bumpers."

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Interviews by an Optimist #74 - Chad Ellis: "Contrast that with our
launch of Battleground at GenCon Indy this year. We had a coupon in the
book that everyone gets in their bag offering ten free dice to everyone
who does a demo. We designed our demos to be just ten minutes long, even
though that meant we couldn't show all the cool stuff in the game. We
chose staff people that are friendly and professional. That combination
meant that gamers had a nice incentive to try our game out and that it
wouldn't cost them much in time to do it. The end result is that
roughly 1,200 people did a Battleground demo over the course of the
weekend and we sold 580 decks, not including sales to retailers and
picking up a Peruvian distributor. "
Interviews by an Optimist #74 - Chad Ellis: "The board game business is an awful business. The
average sales of a new game are substantially lower than the minimum
number of copies needed to print it at a decent cost. Word of mouth is
great in some ways but awful insofar as many gamers play with a group and
are happy if 'the group' has a copy of any but the best games.
Distributors, to the extent that they push games at all, focus heavily on
what's new, so a game often has a brief window to get traction. That's
just a start. The net result is that there are a small number of
hits, a decent number of games that do OK and a majority of games that
lose money or at least don't make a good return on investment. This is
especially true for smaller companies like us. "

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Free Online Graph Paper / Hexagonal PDF Generator
The Hivelogic Narrative: Articles: Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger
Circus Minimus Errata: "Circus
Minimus Advanced Chariot Capture Rules Revised

Advanced Chariot Capture Rules: These are
optional, use them instead of the regular rules for chariot
jumping/capture if you like (we all find them to be a great hoot). In
any case where a dismounted charioteer tries to get aboard another
manned chariot (by jumping off the median or during the corpse move
(moving the two spaces available to the running guy), roll one die to
see if the attempt was successful. On a 5 or 6, the running
charioteer successfully mounts the chariot (original driver remains
in place) on any other roll, he is simply in that space, dismounted
as before. There is no limit to the number of charioteers that can be
in one chariot (but I?ve never seen more than two...).

The chariot?s owner (the guy driving it when
somebody jumps in) continues to drive his chariot normally (beware of
the weapon restrictions based on Control can choose
hard whip, just don?t expect to use your sword, too). The chariot
behaves normally for the owning player.

During each move with such an arrangement in
play, the corpse attacks once in his move (or he can jump off and
give up). During the chariot?s move, the driver moves normally, can
attack to running guy once, or can jump off himself.

If (when?) one of the two guys gets killed in
the fistfight, drop the corpse on the track at that point. The
fistfight continues each move until someone is killed or gives

Homemade wiz-war
LEGO Shop At Home

Lego Factory Software
Noble Armada | Noble Armada Basic Intro Pack | Holistic Design Inc.: "Holistic Design's highly acclaimed starship combat game of broadsides and boarding actions in space is offered at a fantastic value in this 'intro pack' featuring the classic Noble Armada 48-page rulebook, 206, counters, 34 ship display sheets, and a brand-new set of cut-out counters."