Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Utah County Park Details: "Located near a bend in the Jordan River near the Salt Lake County line%2C Indian Ford Park is still under development. Indian Ford takes its name from historical accounts that claim this narrow area in the Jordan served as a crossing point for local Native American tribes. During the dredging of the Jordan River in the 1980%27s%2C a large boulder was removed from this location and sits today at the entrance to Utah County%27s Inlet Park. When developed%2C Indian Ford will offer picnic tables and other amenities. For now%2C it serves as a crossing point on the river for the Jordan River Parkway."
Boing%20Boing%3A%20A%20Directory%20of%20Wonderful%20Things: "Yesterday%20I%20was%20at%20Best%20Buy%2C%20and%20I%20noticed%20that%2040-hour%20TiVos%20were%20on%20sale%20for%20%2450%20after%20rebate.%20I%20bought%20one%20and%20set%20it%20up.%20What%20a%20difference%21%20If%20TiVo%20were%20a%20beverage%2C%20it%27d%20be%20a%20tall%20glass%20of%20Jamaican%20ginger%20beer%20with%20chipped%20ice%20and%20a%20lime%20wedge%2C%20while%20the%20Explorer%20800%20would%20be%20a%20paper%20cup%20of%20warm%20fake%20lemonade%20stirred%20with%20the%20finger%20of%20a%20nose-picking%20six-year-old."

Friday, August 13, 2004

Intex inflatable kayaks from the Intex inflatable boat collection:

Only $40.

"The Challanger K2 Kayak
Low profile for lakes and mild rivers!
Responsive design, easy to paddle!
Big, comfortable cockpit for easy entry and exit!
Two spray decks with inflatable support beam!
Rugged SUPER-TOUGH* Vinyl Construction!
Two adjustable seats with backrests
Inflatable I-Beam floor for comfort and rigidity!
Two Quick-fill, fast-deflate Boston valves on main hull chamber
11 Seperate air chambers!
U.S. Coast Guard ID
RWTUV Approved
Repair Patch Included

Saturday, August 07, 2004

HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE / *** (R): "Danny Leiner, who directed this film, began his career with 'Dude, Where's My Car?' I inexplicably missed that movie, but I laughed often enough during the screening of 'Harold & Kumar' that afterward I told Dann Gire, distinguished president of the Chicago Film Critics' Assn., that I thought maybe I should rent 'Dude' and check it out. Dann cautioned me that he did not think it was all that urgent. Still another reason our leader's photograph should be displayed in every government office and classroom."

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Garden State - Zach Braff Blog

Sleep well all you people who say nice things and make me feel like I've actually done something meaningful and make me happy to have taken the risk even though I waited on tables and people were mean to me and I had to sometimes do awful things when I worked as a PA on music videos like mop up vomit.

Yahoo! News - Bush Says She Discussed Gesture With Jenna
: "Her advice to her daughter? 'Maybe you should work on your issues of impulsiveness or something,' she recalled.

Bush wouldn't offer similar advice to John Kerry (news - web sites)'s wife, who has told an insistent reporter to 'shove it' and responded to Bush supporters' chants of 'Four more years!' by saying 'They want four more years of hell.'"
ESPN.com - GEN - OTL: LeMond levels more criticism at Lance: "'He basically said 'I could find 10 people that will say you took EPO,' ' LeMond said. 'He basically said, 'You know, come on, everybody's done it,' basically kind of like 'hey everybody, EPO's fairly common.' '
LeMond also claims that Armstrong's camp threatened his business interests.
'The week after, I got multiple people that were on Lance ... Lance's camp, basically saying 'you better be quiet,' and I was quiet for three years,' LeMond said. 'I have a business ... I have bikes that are sold ... and I was told that my sales might not be doing too well if ... just the publicity, the negative publicity.'"