Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Monday, May 29, 2006

Blue Moon Fans :: Thema anzeigen - Fans sets on CardTable ?: "I'm not sure whether I understand your question correctly. If you are talking about designing your own cards (and this has nothing to do with CardTable), it wil be best to use the Photoshop template originally provided by Redimikanas some months ago. This has since then be extended with English-language objects (title bar, card type text, moons, earth/fire-numbers, shields etc.) to be drag'n'dropped to your own card designs.
Basically, all you need is a good basic illustration for each card and the template mentioned above. Using these, one can usually create a totally new card within 5 minutes (with some Photoshop experience)..."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Steve Jackson Games Forums - Scratching that OGRE itch.: "Final Frontier is a mini-game from Firey Dragon's Counterstrike line. It's the closest thing on the market right now to the early eighties black pocket box phenomenon. The game is somewhat dry, but it models the politics of the situation in a unique way in addition to having a very playable combat and economic system. It's set at the solar system level as competing nations from post-apocalypse earth colonize and fight over the real estate.

Classic Traveller reprint supplements are the second item for scratching that itch... though after playing revision after revision of games like Ogre and Car Wars, its very frustrating to try to play games that have not been edited and reworked and refined so much. (Instead of fixing things, GDW seems to have consistently moved on to screw things up in more elaborate ways....) Striker is a killer concept... but coming up with units and scenarios is generally left as an exercise for the gamer. However, the Classic Traveller community is made up of some of the coolest grognards in the universe... and they will probably continue to develop house rules and argue over the intent of the designers for the next twenty years.

(My theory is that there is so little web activity for both Ogre and Car Wars because the games are so well designed that there is nothing really to argue about!)
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