Friday, February 25, 2005

Emotions high at association meeting :: The Daily Herald, Provo Utah: "Grover and White made baseless accusations and presented no facts to support their allegations in the statements they released to the media, said Eagle Mountain Mayor Kelvin Bailey.

'If the county wants to persecute people, then they need to come forward with facts to support their allegations,' he said.

Provo Mayor Lewis K. Billings said he would like to hire an independent auditor to go over MAG's books and prove to the public that Grover and White's accusations are false."
macosxhints - Avoid an Error -50 when accessing Windows shares: " We had installed a new Windows 2000 workstation at the office that we would be usiing as a backup machine (with backup software we wrote in Delphi). The Mac users (all Panther, 10.3.5) could not access this machine (though had no problems access other windows machines on the network). I searched high and low, Google, here, there, everywhere and non of the suggestions worked.

I suddenly tripped over the answer...

I was looking at the share 'names' on that machine, and they were a bit long. 'E_Drive_Backup_168,' logn but intentionally descriptive. So, just for grins, and somewhat in desperation, I created a new share that was more typical for me and called it 'E_Drive.' And presto, the Macs could now login. So ... keep those share names short! Apparently there is some limit on share names that does not bother Windows machines but leaves Mac/Samba totally lost.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Stuff I Think : The Wisdom of Warren Buffett: "5. Do What You Love

Perhaps the reason that we've heard this a million times is that it's true. Warren talked at length about how excited he is to wake up in the morning and to do what he loves. He talked about how important it is to have the freedom in your life to paint your own canvas any way that you like. He said that many people talk about how they are going to just work at a high-paying job 'for a little while' and then go do what they love - he equated that to 'saving up sex for old age.' He said to 'never do something that doesn't excite you or that you dislike.'

Tuesday, February 22, 2005 WiFi Forums - Jornada 540 - Any thoughts?: "Okay... its not the best setup, but I finally got my PDA setup working. Its a Jornada 540 (dinky!) with a Semsons & Co PcCard-to-CF TypeI convertor and an OEM Style 3.3v Orinoco Silver with the INTERMEC Modification to 128bit WEP.

Note: I havent tested the 128bit in the PDA... not sure if it even matters...

Mainly I am just simply amazed that the damn thing actually works... my linksys prism and Orinoco Gold are both 5.5v which wouldnt work at all. The only bad part is that I have to use and ext antenna... which is actually better because then I can position it better and even use a directional yagi or something...

now I just need to package the wifi card/adaptor/ ext ant so it isnt so damn gawky!"
UK Rocketman - Tech
Shop Talk

Our smail address is:

5863 2nd. St. S.
Arlington, VA 22204
WholeNote - The On-Line Guitar Community - with guitar lessons OLGA guitar tab music chords scales and other goodies...
Aximsite - Pocket Mac vs. Missing Sync vs. VPC
Pc-Mobile cables audio adapters for PDA, GSM and GPS Bluetooth

Has a Jornada cable for $17.50

Monday, February 14, 2005

Google Help : Cheat Sheet: "vacation hawaii the words vacation and Hawaii .
Maui OR Hawaii either the word Maui or the word Hawaii
'To each his own' the exact phrase to each his own
virus ?computer the word virus but NOT the word computer
Star Wars Episode +I This movie title, including the roman numeral I
~auto loan loan info for both the word auto and its synonyms: truck, car, etc.
define:computer definitions of the word computer from around the Web.
red * blue the words red and blue separated by exactly one word."
Eagle-Research practical energy!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Google Groups : "
Richard Lipkus Apr 6 2000, 12:00 am show options
From: Richard Lipkus - Find messages by this author
Date: 2000/04/06
Subject: Re: Sound proofing
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Expanding foam is something you have to be VERY carefull of. We use it
alot in the car audio circles, but this stuff can expand with enough force
to pop rivets and bend sheet metal. A MUCH better material to use is made
by McMaster Carr. It is very similar to ICE Sheild, which you can buy at
home depot, (which by the way works very well too) Its a couple bucks per
square foot, and once heated and applied is not going anywhere. You can
put this in a few places.

1) remove your door skins, and put this over the metal. Lay it in strips.
The idea is not to sound proof the door, but to add weight/density to the
2) Take up the carpet, and again put down a few layers. Use a wall paper
gun to get it sticky. Put this in the trunk or where ever else you want to
deaden, even under the headliner. It is quite cheap, easy to work with,
and works very well for sound deadening. "

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Apple - Discussions - Connecting iBook to print to a PC printer: "See the general advice for setting up printing from a Mac to a Windows shared printer at . Note that an important part of the setup is the use of a third-party driver like Gimp-print, since the MacOS printer drivers provided by most printer manufacturers do not support shared Windows printing.

What make/model printer is connected to this PC?"

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Daily Herald: Your town. Your neighbors. Your Newspaper. - Eagle Mountain ordinance may be end of arts council: "The City Council voted once in November not to dissolve the arts council and a similar motion to the one being considered tonight did not pass in December because of a lack of a majority one way or the other.

But with new City Council members Vincent Liddiard and David Blackburn sworn in Monday, many believe the vote could change. Certain city officials said getting rid of a board that is not needed is long overdue. But former members of the arts council feel the dismantling is a personal attack.

Jana Cox, who served on the arts council for almost three years and continued even after her term was up, said the city needs an arts council because the arts are just as important as other city services and it coincides with the city's long-term goals.

'It's part of the city's general plan, and it's one of the reasons I loved living out here because of the focus on the arts,' she said.

David Loper, who was chairman of the council for two years and resigned in July, said the arts council is needed because it helps facilitate all other arts groups and brings variety into the city. He predicted that the city will probably dissolve the council."
The Daily Herald: Your town. Your neighbors. Your Newspaper. - In Our View: Ban votes on personal interests: "The larger problem is with the system itself. In Utah, an elected official can legally vote on a matter in which he has a vested interest, so long as that interest has been declared, either in writing ahead of time or at the time of the vote.

While the law creates a measure of transparency, it does not go far enough. Voting on a public matter in which one has a private financial or other interest should be prohibited. Even if an official casts a vote with the best intentions, the conflict will always taint public perception.

The best solution is one employed in other states: Bar officials from participating in debates or votes on issues in which a conflict of interest exists. This posture eliminates the conflict and allows a governing body to decide a matter as impartially as possible.

In Utah, some officials voluntarily recuse themselves from issues in which they have an interest. And at least one city, Eagle Mountain, has implemented an ethics ordinance that is more stringent than the state's law. Such acts are commendable.

It is argued, however -- unconvincingly -- that barring officials from votes or debates on issues in which they have an interest could hobble local government, especially in small communities where conflicts are almost inevitable. In such cases, the argument goes, good people may not seek public service because of personal entanglements."
The Daily Herald: Your town. Your neighbors. Your Newspaper. - City staff reacts to mayor's fake story: "Councilwoman Linn Strouse said she was sympathetic to the city leader's predicament.

Strouse said Bailey had been working 65-hour work weeks as a development consultant while trying to run a city with a 25 percent yearly growth rate. She said he was doing that while also tending to his wife, who had a stroke two weeks ago, and serving as mayor, for which he makes $400 per month.

Last Wednesday night at a public hearing on the city's general plan, Strouse said residents accused the mayor and staff of changing the city's original revised general plan and development codes. She said the original general plan was missing and staff was working on rewriting the third draft of a new one.

The problem was residents assumed the general plan and development codes were two different things, she said, and pre-public hearing information was disseminated and Bailey as well as staff 'got the brunt of it. '

'It was like the batting cages and the balls just keep coming at you, ' she said.

Friday evening, Bailey told his wife about being abducted while returning from a hunting trip and helping a person holding a gasoline can along Interstate 15. He said the person forced him to drive through four states to Barstow, Calif., between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Saturday, he issued a statement saying after more than 24 hours without sleep and an all-night drive, he realized his family was the most important thing to him. In his exhaustion, he made up the abduction story and meant to explain where he had been once he got a chance to talk to his wife in person, but she had already contacted authorities and they had begun a search.

Councilwoman Diane Jacob was at a city budget retreat Friday morning when she was informed about the alleged abduction. Bailey missed that meeting."
Google Groups : "Not quite so for the ML7A with this problem. There are 6 or so
electrolytic capacitors in the power supply that are failing. They are
silver in color. These are not the two main filter capacitors but the
smaller ones mounted on the PC board.If you do not replace them and
continue to run the unit, one day the ML7 will burst into song with a loud
oscillation that will be quite detrimental to the rest of your system.
Nick Gowan
True Sound
Unix command cheat sheet - common commands for the unix command line (telnet)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The macosxhints Forums - Applescript to detect mounted volume/disk/share type: "It is possible to get some info via AS which maybe sufficient for your needs.

Firstly, please note that 'list disks' does NOT return a list of physical disks - it returns a list of volumes. Obviously, where physical discs contain only a single volume/partition this isn't important, but will this be so in your case?

The following script will produce a property list of one of your volumes. You could use these properties to detect whether a CD was inserted for example (it'll be ejectable and have a CD format) See the Finder dictionary ('disk' class) for more.

set thedisk to item 1 of (list disks)
tell application 'Finder'
properties of disk thedisk
end tell
Tom 's Bug Door: "Since I first did these repairs, I have found that Tyvek HomeWrap and Tyvek Construction tape are a quick and very effective repair for leaking vapor barriers. I'll have photos of that repair in the Golf doors soon!"

Monday, February 07, 2005

Serial Port Secrets

make your own cables
WinCE Hardware for navigation: "Serial Port Cable Information

For commercial solutions see below. This section covers general information for users want to build their own cables or adapt existing cables. Pocketpc devices generally come with both serial ports and USB ports but since gps units use the serial port this section will focus on serial port connections.

With any of the above solutions you will probably need a cable to connect up the two units. You can fabricate your own using a cable with the appropriate GPS connector on one end and wired directly to the pocketpc via a connector or if you prefer you can try one of the solutions described in some of the links below.

Another solution is to get a pocketpc hotsync cable and a standard computer interface cable for your gps. Then obtain a male to male gender changer null modem adapter connector to hook them together. (Fry's has these.) If you can't get a male to male gender/null modem changer in one unit then you buy a male to male connector and add a gender changer adapter but the overall link of cables and adapters starts to get a bit messy at this point. You can make your own male to male gender changer by obtaining two male 9 pin connectors. Then you would wire pin 2 to pin 3, pin 3 to pin 2 and pin 5 (gnd) to pin 5.

For pinout data check this source for the ipaq. Another source for Ipaq and Garmin gps pinouts is For Jornada and some others try Bev Howard's page."
PocketPC GPS and Navigation
Cable Solutions GPS to Pocket PC: "To connect an existing GPS to a Pocket PC requires a cable to fit to the GPS and another to fit to the Pocket PC. These should both terminate in a 9 pin serial port connection and are available from your GPS and Pocket PC suppliers.

Connecting them together requires a Null Model Adaptor.

Alternatively, select from the modified cables below that include that Null Modem modifications, this reduces the connections and shortens the length of accumulated cables."
USM Libraries - APA Style Guide: "Typical book entry -- single author
Arnheim, R. (1971). Art and visual perception. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Publishing information - Spell out the publishing names of associations and university presses, but omit superfluous terms such as 'Publishers,' 'Co.,' or 'Inc.' If two or more locations are given, give the location listed first or the publisher's home office. When the pubisher is a university and the name of the state (or province) is included in the university name, do not repeat the name of the state/province in the publisher location. When the author and publisher are identical, use the word 'Author' as the name of the publisher.
American Psychiatric Association. (1994). Diagnostic and statistical manual of
mental disorders (4th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. "
Apple eMac Upgrade Guide
macosxhints - Get the most from X!: ""

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Use 12V Auto Accessories in 110V Outlets: "Extend the use and practicality of your auto accessories by owning this mini 110v adapter. Use your cell phone car charger, GPS charger, CD player charger and more in your home or office. Travel light with only your car charger and this adapter. You won't need to take bulky desktop chargers along with you. All you need is your automobile charging cable and this adapter. Works with all 12V auto accessories up to 500mA."
Mr. Mikes Installation/Replacement Fiero Headrest Speakers