Saturday, January 31, 2004 Troubleshooting with Postfix Logs [Jan. 22, 2004]: "Use the soft_bounce Parameter for Testing Changes

When trying out a configuration change you're not sure about, you can enable soft_bounce, so that mail that would bounce is kept in the queue and can still be delivered once the problem is corrected. In your file, simply add the following:

soft_bounce = yes" - Guest Editorials: "In 1985 NASA had switched to a new putty to seal the O-ring joints. The new putty became brittle at cold temperatures, thus allowing Dr. Richard Feynman to teach NASA a famous lesson. At the congressional hearing investigating the accident, he simply placed some of the O-ring putty in a glass of ice water and crumbled it in his fingers." - Guest Editorials: "Why did the shuttle's foam insulation flake off? In response to an edict from the EPA, NASA was required to change the design of the thermal insulating foam on the shuttle's external tank. They stopped using Freon, or CFC-11, in order to comply with the 1987 Montreal Protocol, an agreement designed to head off doubtful prognostications of an environmental disaster.

But it was the elimination of the old foam that led to a real disaster for the shuttle program. The maiden flight with the new foam, in 1997, resulted in a ten-fold increase to foam-induced tile damage. The new foam was far more dangerous than the old foam. But NASA "
AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER / ***1/2 (Not rated): "Wuornos herself is onscreen for much of the film. Charlize Theron has earned almost unanimous praise for her portrayal of Aileen in the current film 'Monster,' and her performance stands up to direct comparison with the real woman. There were times, indeed, when I perceived no significant difference between the woman in the documentary and the one in the feature film. Theron has internalized and empathized with Wuornos so successfully that to experience the real woman is only to understand more completely how remarkable Theron's performance is."

Friday, January 30, 2004

Wired 12.02: Three Blind Phreaks: "The Badirs pulled off Mamet-worthy phone cons, employing cell phones, Braille-display computers, ace code-writing skills, and an uncanny ability to impersonate anyone from corporate suits to sex-starved females. On the phone, the brothers morph into verbal 007s, intimidating men, seducing women, and wheedling classified information from steely-voiced security personnel. The phone phreakers' term for this is social engineering: using a combination of brains and guile to obtain codes for trespassing into systems to rejigger them via strings of touch-tone code. Combine this talent with supersensitive hearing - the brothers can dissect an international connection the way wine expert Robert Parker pulls notes from a glass of Bordeaux - and you have what BernieS, a legendary phreaker and contributor to the hacking journal 2600, calls 'a formidable skill set.'"
jwz - Confessions of a Car Salesman: "Yep. My brother, who is a car salesman, is really good at this. I don't think he pays the amount on the tag for anything. I just used to work at a Software Etc.

I don't have the full skill that he displays, but I have found two simple lines that work quite often. It is easiest at stores that has salespeople walking the floor. Just stand in around the area of the item you are interested in, looking slightly clueless. Wait for the approach, and the line, 'can I help you with anything today?' You just reply with, 'I'm interested in this [fill in the blank]. But can you do anything about the price?' You can also try, 'Will it be going on sale in the next month?' 'Month' is important, it shows you aren't in a hurry to buy, and also covers a wide enough time period to find if the item is going to be marked down. Even though most retail stores are no longer commission, they still track employee sales records. And even if there are no real rewards, they still set up little competitions between the sales staff. They won't want to lose the sale to someone else later on, and give you a discount, or the upcoming markdown. You can also use the second line as a backup if the first one fails. If there are no salespeople, you can try the lines at the checkout. Don't sit the item down on the counter, just show it to the clerk, and ask.
Bittorrent link to violent war footage.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Mydoom disinfectant
Telegraph | Arts | A writer's life: Anthony Lane : "'People think that you have these things called ideas and that writing is a matter of imposing them on the subject material, whereas it's only in the writing that I discover what it is that I think. And I can only write to deadline. I can't do the blank sheet. You know, 'Chapter One: he adored New York…' And I don't do the specifically sharpened pencils in the specifically designed notebook in the specifically built dacha…

'I understand the urge for the dacha, but I can't afford it and, besides, I have the feeling that writing can be all the better for being squeezed in around life. The other day I wrote a piece sitting on the floor of the train to Cambridge, which was straight out of Buster Keaton, with squatting room only. And there was one point last summer when there was someone on every floor of the house, so I wrote on the staircase with my computer on my lap. My thighs got sunburnt, which constitutes an accident at work. I am suing myself.

'Perhaps I understand artistic sensibility but not sensitivity. I don't do feuds, tears at midnight or guttering candles. I do sometimes do racking of the brow, but only with things like car insurance. I was once working on a newspaper and a new arts editor was appointed and the first day he turned up in a new hat and cape. As if…"
Joi Ito's Web: Disturbing image from Iraq: "I have a friend in the US Air force that often checks 'gun cameras' for intel and he tells me that if we saw some of the gun footage from this most recent war, there would be fewer wars. He specifically describes a scene where a similar helo chops up 20-30 Iraqis in a few seconds. The question then, is why don't we see this in the news? Wouldn't this serve as a deterrent and force us to think first before going to war?"
Cynthia Selfe: "In sum, as Bruno Latour (1996) notes, real-life stories always lack richness and accuracy when they are told from a single perspective, that of the technologist or that of the humanist. We require multiple perspectives if we hope to construct a robust and accurate understanding of the ways in which technology functions in our culture. Our profession's occasional respectful attention to technology and the social issues that surround technology may allow us to see things from a slightly different point of view, even if for only a moment in time. And from such a perspective, as Latour (1996) reminds us, our interpretations of issues 'take on added density' (p. viii)."
Cynthia Selfe: "From our perspective today, of course, we can see a darker side of this dynamic. The economic engine of technology must be fueled by-and produce-not only a continuing supply of individuals who are highly literate in terms of technological knowledge, but also an ongoing supply of individuals who fail to acquire technological literacy, those who are termed 'illiterate' according to the official definition. These latter individuals provide the unskilled, low-paid labor necessary to sustain the system we have described-their work generates the surplus labor that must be continually re-invested in capital projects to produce more sophisticated technologies."
NCBuy Weird News: Presidential Secrets Revealed! - 2004-01-29: "NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Did you know Gerald Ford used to let off loud farts and blame them on his Secret Service men?"
A Plan for Spam: "The reason the spammers use the kinds of sales pitches that they do is to increase response rates. This is possibly even more disgusting than getting inside the mind of a spammer, but let's take a quick look inside the mind of someone who responds to a spam. This person is either astonishingly credulous or deeply in denial about their sexual interests. In either case, repulsive or idiotic as the spam seems to us, it is exciting to them. The spammers wouldn't say these things if they didn't sound exciting. And 'thought you should check out the following' is just not going to have nearly the pull with the spam recipient as the kinds of things that spammers say now. Result: if it can't contain exciting sales pitches, spam becomes less effective as a marketing vehicle, and fewer businesses want to use it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Oink, oink, DVD, oink | Metafilter: "(I used to have a t-shirt that said 'I love Lucy but Ricky is a f*cking pig')"

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

How's My Driving Monitor for Teens - TELL-MY-MOM.COM: "By placing our How's My Driving sticker on your car, other drivers now have an easy way to provide feedback about your teen's driving. Utilizing this information, concerned parents can work with their teen to correct poor driving skills and reinforce safe driving behavior."
MLA citation style: "Article from an online magazine (only exists online)
Chaplin, Heather. 'Epidemic of Extravagance.' Salon. 19 Feb. 1999. 12 July 1999


Article from an online scholarly journal (exists online and in print)
Shammas, Carole. 'A New Look at Long-Term Trends in Wealth Inequality in the

United States.' The American Historical Review 98.2, pp. 412-431.

23 November 1999 ."
MLA Citation Examples: "Two or More Works by the Same Authors <4.6.3, 4.6.5>
When citing two or more sources by the same author, give the name in the first entry only. For the subsequent entries, type three hyphens, add a period, and skip a space (---. ) then give the title. The three hyphens stand for the name(s) in the preceding entry.
Mead, Margaret. Coming of Age in Samoa: A Psychological Study of
Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation. New York: Morrow, 1961.

---. People and Places. Cleveland: World, 1959."
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "I also find that having habits helps most of the time -- always writing on a particular machine, in a particular place, etc. Then when the habits don't work, I throw them out the window. Intead of my laptop, I break out the paper and pencil. Instead of my office, I head to the library or the park. A little jolt is sometimes what it takes."

Monday, January 26, 2004

Confessions of a Car Salesman: "The thing about car dealers is they seem to like to keep you waiting. Later, I would find out how important it is for the salespeople to feel they are controlling the customer. If you are waiting for them they must be controlling you. This obsession with control extended to job applicants too.

As I waited I tried to look like a promising candidate for a job selling cars — whatever that looked like. I tried to look eager and hungry. These are not traits that come easily to me so I studied the other sales people around me. They stood in poses of assertion and power: legs spread, hands on hips, arms folded across chests. All the men (which were 99 percent of the sales force) wore white shirts and ties. Their hair was slicked back and they favored jewelry. "
TEACHING WRITING AND LANGUAGE IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS EDSD 647 (3 credit hours): "Knapp, Linda Rochrig. (1986). The Word Processor and the Writing Teacher. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Knapp, Linda Rochrig. (1986). The Word Processor and the Writing Teacher. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
TEACHING WRITING AND LANGUAGE IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS EDSD 647 (3 credit hours): "Knapp, Linda Rochrig. (1986). The Word Processor and the Writing Teacher. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Knapp, Linda Rochrig. (1986). The Word Processor and the Writing Teacher. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
TEACHING WRITING AND LANGUAGE IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS EDSD 647 (3 credit hours): "Knapp, Linda Rochrig. (1986). The Word Processor and the Writing Teacher. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Page 6
6 Lanham, Richard A. (1977). Revising Prose. New York, NY: Charles Scribner's Sons. Macrorie, Ken. (1976). Writing to Be Read. 2nd ed. Rochelle Park, NJ: Hayden Book Company, Inc. Mayher, John S., Nancy Lester, and Gordon M. Pradl. (1983). Learning to Write/Writing to Learn. Upper Montclair, NH: Boynton/Cook Publishers, Inc. Moffett, James and B.J. Wagner. (1973). Student-Centered Language Arts and Reading, K-13. Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin. . (1968). Teaching the Universe of Discourse. Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin. . (1986) Active Voices I, II, III & IV. Upper Montclair, NJ: Boynton/Cook Publishers, Inc. Morenberg, Max. (1991) Doing grammar. NY: Oxford University Press. Murphy, Sandra and Mary Ann Smith. (1991). Writing Portfolios: A bridge from teaching to assessment. Markham, Ontario: Pippin Publishing Limited. . (1984). Write to Learn. New York, NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Noguichi, Rei R. (1991). Grammar and the teaching of writing: limits and possibilities. Urbana, IL: NCTE. Reif, Linda. (1992). Seeking Diversity. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Rico, Gabriele Lusser. (1983). Writing the Natural Way. Los Angeles, CA: J.P. Tarcher, Inc. Rigg, Pat and Virginia Allen. (1989). When they don't all speak English: integrating the ESL student into the regular classroom. Urbana, IL: NCTE. Romano, Tom. (1987). Clearing the Way: Working with teenage writers. P"
The Tyranny of Copyright?: "Not long after the students posted the memos, Diebold sent letters to Swarthmore charging the students with copyright infringement and demanding that the material be removed from the students' Web page, which was hosted on the college's server. Swarthmore complied. The question of whether the students were within their rights to post the memos was essentially moot: thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, their speech could be silenced without the benefit of actual lawsuits, public hearings, judges or other niceties of due process. "
5ives: Five ways I tend to feel after speaking with Sprint's Customer Service: "Five ways I tend to feel after speaking with Sprint's Customer Service

Like I was just traded to another inmate for 2 packs of menthol cigarettes

Like I've been slapped repeatedly with a half-frozen sturgeon

Like I've accidentally just agreed to finish the homework of every kid in my middle school

Like somewhere in a big Sprint building, there's a fat man with a monocle and a top hat smoking a cigar while dancing a jig and holding a fat bag of five-dollar bills with my bewildered face on it

Very, very unclean"

Sunday, January 25, 2004

The Miami Herald | 01/24/2004 | Look out! It's a candidate: "But the biggest shock was the poor showing of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who did far worse than expected in Iowa, then gave his now-famous post-caucus speech, in which he sounded as though he'd been gargling with paint thinner, and then, out of nowhere, emitted a scream that was a pitch-perfect imitation of a small-hipped woman giving birth to an upright piano.
It was a heartfelt scream, no question about it, and it has received far more attention in this race than, say, Iraq. But somehow it did not come across as presidential. (``Four score and seven years ago, YEEEAAAAAARGGH.'')
So now Dean is trying desperately to soften his image by wearing suits, smiling, no longer ending speeches by breaking boards with his forehead, etc. But these measures may be too late, as almost all the experts now predict that Kerry will win in New Hampshire, which probably means he won't."
Police Equipment & Supplies, Utah, UT, Superpages, Yellow Pages, Phone Book Directory, Driving Directions, Local Information: "Farm Police Supply & Training
5189 Commerce Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
(801) 313-0802
map | driving directions | add to My Directory "
Old Leather Wrap Saddleworn Pocket Journal - Smythe Sewn - Vickerey: "faux leather wraps
Old Leather Wrap Saddleworn Pocket Journal

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of our embellished books. Unique, tactile and so very pleasing to the eye. Overthe- top embellishment combined with the look of a journal that has been lovingly used for at least a century. Not only do they have our magnetic wraps but added to each book is a classic red ribbon marker and a memento pouch to store the treasures of a life well lived. "

Saturday, January 24, 2004 Installing a Wiki on Your iBook [Jun. 05, 2003]: "Installing a Wiki on Your iBook
by Giles Turnbull
The following conversation between Mac DevCenter writer Giles Turnbull and software developer Matt Hunt (a FreeBSD fan who's very happy with the way Mac OS X turned out) walks you through a Wiki installation on Mac OS X. It's really easy to follow, and we hope you'll give it whirl.

Giles: Hi, Matt. I've been researching how to install a Wiki on my iBook. I thought there'd be a bunch of how-to documents online somewhere, but I searched all over the place and came up with not much. Could you help me out?
Matt: Yeah OK. Had you thought about which one you'd like to install? There are literally several to choose from.
Giles: Well, I've used PHPwiki before and I quite liked it. Plus the documentation says that installation is a snap.
Matt: The documentation would say that, but it is worth trying out. The first step is to download the source package. The latest source download is probably the best thing to get.
Giles: OK, I've got that, what's next?"
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "I am interested in setting up a personal wiki that I can use to keep track of things via the web. I have used several different types of wiki, including Twiki, Moin Moin Wiki, and OpenWiki. I'm not sure which wiki clone fits best to light usage, easy access, and backup. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to proceeed? Thanks!" "Here's how to empty your inbox (and keep it empty)
1. Put the oldest, crustiest emails at the top. This will help you remember to get rid of them.
2. Delete all spam (without opening it).
3. Go through all personal messages from friends and family (the most important emails). Read them, enjoy them, delete them. If you must keep them, copy and paste the text into a text editor and save it in your hard disk as ''initials of sender' 'date' 'keywords''.
4. Your inbox now contains email of middling importance only. Sequentially engage each email to remove it from the inbox:

- If the email is a to-do item or appointment, copy and paste it as a to-do or appointment into your calender program. To-do items should be tied to specific days, so Outlook users are out of luck. Delete email in inbox
- If email is a item of correspondence tied to a project, save it in the folder for that project as ''initials of sender' 'date' 'keywords''. Delete email in inbox.
- If the email is reoccurring (newsletter, list), read the email and enjoy it if you have time, else delete it. You'll be getting a new one tomorrow anyway. "
: "The Good Easy
Zimran Ahmed

how to set up a mac
by Mark Hurst"
SBook is Simson Garfinkel's Address Book: "SBook®5 is an extremely fast, AI-based personal information manager. Information is organized in free-format entries --- one for each person or company. Each entry can have any number of postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photographs, URLs, and other information.
SBook5 automatically tells the difference between an entry that represents a person and one that represents a corporation, and sorts accordingly. The database then sorts entries as you would, if you only had the time. "
Morris: Lehane Behind Dean's 'Political Assassination': "Acting at the behest of Bill and Hillary Clinton, a senior campaign aide to Gen. Wesley Clark has carried out the 'political assassination' of Democratic presidential front-runner Howard Dean, former top Clinton advisor Dick Morris contended late Friday.
'I believe we have witnessed a political assassination of Howard Dean by the Clintons,' Morris told Fox News Channel's 'Hannity & Colmes' - hours after polls showed that Dean's once formidable lead in Iowa had evaporated. "
Man dies after win on lottery TV show: "The winner of this week's 'Hoosier Millionaire' game show died after being hit by a pickup truck just hours after the show's taping, authorities said Friday."
New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "What happened to Howard Dean? He was assassinated by Bill and Hillary with the assistance of Chris Lehane, the political hit man who first worked for Kerry and now backs Clark.
Desperate to keep control of the Democratic Party, the Clintons used their negative researchers and detectives to the ultimate and generated a story-a-day savaging Dean. The Vermont governor, not ready for prime time, cooperated by being thin-skinned, surly and combative. And now he is an artifact of history. The left (who had made Dean their darling) embraced Kerry (the original leftist) as their nominee. "

Friday, January 23, 2004

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "Can Bush beat Kerry? Not as easily as he could defeat Dean, but he likely can. Kerry is ultimately a reincarnation of Mike Dukakis as the candidate from the People's Republic of Massachusetts. His liberalism places him beyond the pale of most American voters.

Edwards would be a tougher sell. While his trial-lawyer campaign contributions will likely rise up to bite him as the race progresses, he is a canny politician with a captivating manner and a trial lawyer's sense of how to appeal to the voters. If he wins, Bush is in for a fight.

New York Post Online Edition: entertainment:

"January 22, 2004 -- LAST February, Morgan Spurlock decided to become a gastronomical guinea pig.

His mission: To eat three meals a day for 30 days at McDonald's and document the impact on his health.

Scores of cheeseburgers, hundreds of fries and dozens of chocolate shakes later, the formerly strapping 6-foot-2 New Yorker - who started out at a healthy 185 pounds - had packed on 25 pounds.

But his supersized shape was the least of his problems.

Within a few days of beginning his drive-through diet, Spurlock, 33, was vomiting out the window of his car, and doctors who examined him were shocked at how rapidly Spurlock's entire body deteriorated. "

Thursday, January 22, 2004 / News / Nation / Infiltration of files seen as extensive: "Infiltration of files seen as extensive
Senate panel's GOP staff pried on Democrats
By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff, 1/22/2004
WASHINGTON -- Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.

From the spring of 2002 until at least April 2003, members of the GOP committee staff exploited a computer glitch that allowed them to access restricted Democratic communications without a password. Trolling through hundreds of memos, they were able to read talking points and accounts of private meetings discussing which judicial nominees Democrats would fight -- and with what tactics."
You There, Bookstore Customer: "You there, Bookstore Customer. Yeah you, Miss Stylish, with the funky hair and the fur trimmed skirt, slumped in the easy chair with your legs draped over the arm swinging your kicky toe nail polish. You look ever so delish and cosmopolitan reading your ELLE magazine, but your feet stink. Please put your shoes back on."
Rave: BART surfing: "I am the BART Surfer. I ride the steely trains with the greatest of ease.
You see me. You want me.
I am the guy who stands in the Isle and holds on to nothing... riding the train through all the twists and turns and dips and bumps, never reaching for the grip.
I am the master of BART CHI.
I put on the casual expression of nonchalance... but underneath my stoicism is elated rapture. Knowing that I rock.
You cannot topple me.
I am the BART Surfer."
Rave: BART surfing: "I am the BART Surfer. I ride the steely trains with the greatest of ease.
You see me. You want me.
I am the guy who stands in the Isle and holds on to nothing... riding the train through all the twists and turns and dips and bumps, never reaching for the grip.
I am the master of BART CHI.
I put on the casual expression of nonchalance... but underneath my stoicism is elated rapture. Knowing that I rock.
You cannot topple me.
I am the BART Surfer."
Pellant: BSA 240 Review: "When it comes to shooting, the BSA 240 is a delight. The trigger is two stage and breaks with a light, even pull which is almost subliminal, just think 'squeeze' and it fires. The Beeman P1 is noted for its' excellent trigger, the BSA 240 is every bit as good, both contrast markedly against the Webley's heavy single stage trigger. The differences between inherent accuracy and that that can be achieved are often related to just how light and predictable the trigger is on a pistol. BSA definitely have a winner with this trigger!"
Folding Diagrams for the Two-Piece Throwing Star (All 22 Steps)
Two Views of Environmentalism as Religion | Metafilter: "Crichton just keeps resurfacing on Metafilter like some implacable zombie which claws it's way up from the grave to shuffle, arms outstretched, towards the jugular of reason.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

New York Post Online Edition: news: "January 21, 2004 -- Jack Whittaker may be worth untold millions, but there's one problem the Powerball king's cash can't solve: How to stop getting ripped off.

Cops in West Virginia say a thief shattered a window on Whittaker's locked sports utility vehicle outside his home and made off with a bank bag containing $100,000 in cash.

It's the second time in the past year the money man's been ripped off.

Whittaker made U.S. history as the richest undivided lottery jackpot winner when he won Powerball in December 2002. He won $314.9 million, but opted to collect $113 million as a lump-sum payment.

And while he really doesn't have a worry in the world, the 56-year-old contractor who lives in the tiny rural town of Scott Depot has become a sitting duck for crooks.

In August, a strip-club manager and his girlfriend were charged with drugging Whittaker and stealing a briefcase containing more than $500,000. "
Usability Checklist from Bunnyfoot: "Usability Checklist"
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "Anecdotal response from my husband and father, both born outside of Krakow: cichodajka works for them. The husband adds: 'If someone called your sister a cichodajka, you'd give him a good beating, there'd be trouble, but the easy girls in the neighborhood, the notorious ones, were all called that. They were cichos for short. They became a kurwa -- meaning whore, which is just about identical in pronunciation and meaning in Yiddish -- if they stopped being discreet and went to being brazenly slutty or actual prostitutes. And for the older women who stereotypically cannot refrain from labeling young women, a cichodajka became a kurwa if she got pregnant.'"

Monday, January 19, 2004

The New Yorker: Fact: "A 1996 study of American pilots who were prisoners of war in North Vietnam underscores the importance of baseline mental health. Although the pilots endured years of torture and, in many cases, solitary confinement, they showed a very low incidence of P.T.S.D.?presumably because pilots are screened for psychological health and trained for high-stress combat. "
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "Yopu know what they say: You'll never have to mow your lawn again. A woman close to my town kept sheep in her yard for years, and cared for them well. She would have been a great resource but, very sadly, she recently passed away, found outside frozen in the cold. "
USB watch starting at $78 "A watch with a built in USB storage hard drive and USB cable. This is one watch that more than just another pretty face. In today fast paced computing world it important to have the ability to take files to and from the office. We all do work at home. Now, transferring those files is easier than ever. Just upload files onto your watch by plugging the built in USB cable directly into your computer. Then all you have to do is wear your watch into work and plug it into your office computer. Presto! With in seconds you wille made the transfer. No more having to lug around disks or laptops to transfer files. "

Is it just me, or is this the ideal tool for corporate espionage?
BarlowFriendz: Welcome, BarlowEnemiez!: "I hope this exchange is as useful to its participants as it is to me. Lately I have found myself too easily seduced into a belief that no one who is neither crazy nor dim-witted nor TV-psychotic nor pretending to be asleep could actually support the policies of the Bush Administration. But the Bush supporters who have arrived here are, with a few exceptions, intelligent, articulate, and more courteous in debate than many of my own cohort. This discussion is a great reminder - as if I should need one - that the other side deserves to be taken as seriously as I would have them take me."
The Pursuit of Happiness: "Here's what I believe. I believe that extolling the pursuit of happiness was a toxic stupidity entirely unworthy of my greatest American hero, Thomas Jefferson. Indeed, it is a poison that sickens our culture more wretchedly every nanosecond. I wish he'd never said it.

It produces a monstrous, insatiable hunger inside our national psyche that encourages us ever more ravenously to devour all the resources of this small planet, crushing liberties, snuffing lives, feeling ourselves ordained by God and Jefferson to do whatever is necessary to make us happy.

And yet the American people are miserable. Or so it would appear.

A bit of anecdotal evidence (of which I could supply a thousand more examples). At the beginning of this year, my lover Lotte and I decided to start counting the number of spontaneous smiles we might observe in the upscale organic supermarket we frequent in San Francisco.

Since then, we've seen thousands of faces, nearly all of them healthy, beautiful, and very expensively groomed. We have so far counted seven smiles appearing on them. In 11 months. Seven smiles. (And at least three of these were insincere.) I am not kidding about this.

I also spend a lot of time in American airports. The same expression of troubled self-absorption has become a nearly universal mask worn by my people. Rarely do I hear laughter in an airport, despite there being plenty in an airport to laugh about, however darkly."

Sunday, January 18, 2004

BLOGGER - Knowledge Base - How do I include multiple blogs in a single page?: "There are a number of reasons for including multiple blogs on a single page. Perhaps you'd like to have two or three users posting at once, but don't want the posts combined in a single blog column. Or maybe you'd like to post notes and comments in your sidebar that don't fit in with the rest of the content of your blog. It's even possible (depending on your server's capabilities) to grab blog content from another server and paste it seamlessly into your existing code. The possibilities are endless, really.

Including multiple blogs on a single page can be achieved through the use of includes. Includes are a feature on many different servers and platforms, including Server Side Includes, PHP, ASP, and Cold Fusion. The type of include method you need will depend on what kind of platform your server is running and whether or not your server has the functionality set up to do so. If you're not sure which of the following techniques are right for you, please ask your system administrator."
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog

Saturday, January 17, 2004

SuperDeluxo4.2 wgets and curls: "Quack Medical Device Diagrams #
Because making fun of dumb people is fun:
curl -f -O '[1-14]{,a}.{jpg,gif}'
This was an eyesight restoration device. It massaged your eyeballs back to normal. Or something."
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: ") Demonstrate a need for it. Make people depend on it. This is going to involve a lot of elbow rubbing with managers and the managers' people who should use it. Question them and address their needs. Then, get the managers to establish policies that require their people to use the system. 'You've got an order, Mr. Salesman? Your client needs it tomorrow? Well, let me look them up in the customer database... oh, wait, he's not in there? Please go put him in there... I can't process this order until he is.' ... sounds anal, but if there aren't processes you can't control the data. That brings us to... "
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "Eventually my lawyer (who happens to be a relative--convenient, yes) said 'look, pay him $100K or we're going to court.'

They paid.

I didn't want to go to court--I'm in Texas, where sideswiping a cyclist is considered meritorious conduct, and I might not have had a sympathetic jury. My lawyer took 30%. My insurance company subrogated my claim (that is, they wound up being $0 out of pocket). I still wound up with a good chunk of change. To put this in context, I had a broken hip that put me at risk for avascular necrosis, which would be Bad--so I wanted to make sure my settlement took care of that risk, since I'd be in for a world of hurt (and bills, and reduced mobility) if I needed a hip replacement 5 years down the road.
ALONG CAME POLLY / ** (PG-13): "There isn't a lot in the movie that is funny. I did like Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy, Reuben's best friend; he's a former child star, now reduced to having strangers tell him how amazed they are that he's still alive. How he responds to this in one early scene is a small masterpiece of facial melodrama, but how many times does he have to slip and fall on slick floors before we get tired of it? I grant him this: He knows exactly how a fat man looks in a red cummerbund from a tuxedo rental agency."

Friday, January 16, 2004

D-Link DMP-100 MP3 Player Review by The Tech Zone: "The only thing I dislike about the DMP-100 is that the unit only has 32 megs of memory. That means I run out of songs during my 1.5 to 2 hour workouts and have to repeat some. Yes you can expand the memory of the unit using SmartMedia cards. I added a 32 meg SmartMedia card to the unit and that extended my musical enjoyment. However, SmartMedia is very expensive. A 32 Meg card will set you back $80."
Introduction: About Technical Communications, Technical-Writing Courses, and the Author: "You're probably wondering what this 'technical writing thing' is. Someone may even have told you, 'it's this course where they make you write about rocket science and brain surgery.' Well, not really . . . . Actually, the field of technical communications is a fully professional field with degree programs, certifications, and?yes!?even theory. It's a good field with a lot of growth and income potential; and an introductory technical-writing course for which this book has been developed is a good way to start if you are interested in a career in this field. "

Thursday, January 15, 2004

NOVELL: Don't Forward to Yourself, Delegate (GroupWise Cool Solutions): "Astute reader, Jay Russel read last week’s tip about creating a rule to forward your mail to your home e-mail address, and stepped up to the plate, going us one better: “Nicely done . . . only thing I'd point out is that there's an even cooler Cool Solution. Using Forward will cause the mail to appear to be from 'yourself' (in the From box), thereby making replies a little squirrely since it now points back to the mail account that did the forwarding. Instead, create a rule that delegates your mail to your home address. Delegate preserves the original sender’s name in the From box. We use it extensively, and we have a number of talented Systems Engineer that need their e-mail forwarded to other mail accounts. Works beautifully.” You’re right, Russ, your solution is cooler than ours. Never die.
So, that being said, here are the new steps:
1. Click Tools, Rules, New.
2. Name the Rule (something like Send Everything to my House).
3. Click New Item, and check the Received box.
4. Click the Item Types you want to see. You might just want to have the e-mail sent. Or maybe you need all the appointments too. You choose.
5. Click Add Action, Delegate.
6. Fill in your home e-mail address.
7. Click OK, Save, Close."
opcode - direct to disk audio
Recording Software and General Discussion
Reason: Cybergreen: Bruce Sterling on media, design, fiction, and the future: "Sterling: Right now, the Republicans are the party of reckless spending, and the Democrats are the party of responsibility and the balanced budget.
reason: Not many of us saw that coming."
Reason: Cybergreen: Bruce Sterling on media, design, fiction, and the future: "reason: The Internet turned out to be a funhouse mirror in which everything is emphasized.
Sterling: It’s also peculiarly carnal. In the early days of cyberspace, we were going to escape the meat. Well, there is more meat on the Internet than you can imagine. There are acres and acres of people just pointing cameras at their bodies.
reason: Blogging seems to have taken a place in the culture that used to be occupied by fanzines, and maybe by the science fiction magazines.
Sterling: It had its apotheosis in people like Cory Doctorow [author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom] and other writers who really aren’t that interested in the old paper world. Cory actually publishes stuff electronically, and blogging is his Weird Tales. He is of a generation sufficiently divorced from the old pulps that he’s the dolphin among mesosaurs here."
Reason: Cybergreen: Bruce Sterling on media, design, fiction, and the future: "Sterling: There is a Google blindness. It?s a kind of common wisdom generator, but it?s not necessarily going to get you to the real story of what?s actually going on.
reason: As today?s children get older they?re internalizing Boolean search logic, and they actually do show some discrimination and drill down to the useful information.
Sterling: It is a form of literacy that?s really peculiar. Socrates used to talk about this: 'The problem with writing is that no one memorizes the Iliad any more. You?ve got to just know all of it. And how can you call yourself an educated man if you cannot recite Book Three, not missing a single epithet?' He?s got a point there.
It has a profound effect on literary composition. I?ve got Google up all the time. It gives you this veneer of command of the facts which you do not, in point of fact, have. It?s extremely useful for novelists but somewhat dangerous if you?re pretending to be a brain surgeon."

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Fantasy in "The Mole People": "Judging by the accuracy of descriptions, I will even speculate that Jennifer Toth's visits to the Mole People were limited to several trips to the Riverside Park tunnel and down the cut toward Penn Station, and one trip with police to the subway near Broadway--Lafayette Street. All other locations are unrecognizable from her descriptions, except that often elements of the Riverside Park tunnel creep in-- overhead grates, concrete walls and rooms, a high climb to the top-- as if she believes these would be typical of other places.
I hope my comments here don't seem like nitpicking. The overall tone of the book though seems designed to make Toth's account into a series of exciting and mysterious adventures rather than sad visits to dirty holes in the ground. Since she fictionalizes the setting as much as she does, then other facts she claims also should be subject to a re-examination. There are too many exaggerations and inventions in the tunnel descriptions to make it believable that the rest is absolutely straight reporting."
George Lakoff tells how conservatives use language to dominate politics: "The background for Rockridge is that conservatives, especially conservative think tanks, have framed virtually every issue from their perspective. They have put a huge amount of money into creating the language for their worldview and getting it out there. Progressives have done virtually nothing. Even the new Center for American Progress, the think tank that John Podesta [former chief of staff for the Clinton administration] is setting up, is not dedicated to this at all. I asked Podesta who was going to do the Center's framing. He got a blank look, thought for a second and then said, 'You!' Which meant they haven't thought about it at all. And that's the problem. Liberals don't get it. They don't understand what it is they have to be doing.

Rockridge's job is to reframe public debate, to create balance from a progressive perspective. It's one thing to analyze language and thought, it's another thing to create it. That's what we're about. It's a matter of asking 'What are the central ideas of progressive thought from a moral perspective?' " Geek News - RIAA posing as cops, raiding street vendors: "NEWS
It appears that the RIAA has taken the law into its own hands. Dressed in black 'raid' vests, flashing impressive IDs, and filling out pink incident reports, four men descend on a street vendor selling bootleg music CDs and convince him to give up his stash. All of the raiders have RIAA stenciled on the back of their vests, and all are ex-cops.

The RIAA thinks that this is perfectly okay, and has a clear picture of who its enemy is. According to John Langley, Western regional coordinator for the RIAA Anti-Piracy Unit, 'a large percentage [of the vendors] are of a Hispanic nature. Today he's Jose Rodriguez, tomorrow he's Raul something or other, and tomorrow after that he's something else. These people change their identity all the time.' This is the reason he gives for filling out incident reports and taking pictures of 'offenders,' at least.

The EFF also seems to think that this is acceptable. Jason Schultz, one of the group's staff attorneys, said it was 'exactly what the RIAA should be doing.' And the RIAA seems to be moving more in that direction, having just recently hired the former director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives department (ATF) as the new leader of its anti-piracy unit.

For more info, check out LA Weekly.
WBAP News/Talk 820 - The News & Talk of Texas: "Grand Prairie (AP) -- Police are holding a suburban Dallas man on suspicion of capital murder while they check his account of why he shot two men dead Tuesday.

The Grand Prairie man, who police say is in his 60s, told officers that he shot the two men during an attempted robbery. He told investigators that the men took him against his will from his home to an ATM and forced to withdraw cash.

Police Detective John Brimmer says the man had a concealed pistol and said he used it when he felt his life was threatened. He says one of his captors had a baseball bat.

Police say the man -- who was not injured -- has a concealed-weapons permit. They've identified one of the men killed as 40-year-old Wesley Lewis Duncan of Cleburne.

Brimmer says the other dead man was wearing a ski mask. His identity hasn't been released.

" | True Ozarks | '95 Dean letter urged unilateral U.S. attack: "Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean, a strong critic of what he calls President Bush's unilateral approach to foreign policy, urged President Clinton to act unilaterally and enter the war in Bosnia in 1995.

'I have reluctantly concluded that the efforts of the United States and NATO in Bosnia are a complete failure,' he wrote, citing reports of genocide during the Bosnian civil war. 'If we ignore these behaviors ... our moral fiber as a people becomes weakened. ... We must take unilateral action.'"

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "Normally I don't endorse Fords, but the secret of Escorts built 1996-1999 is that they're really Mazdas"
The Daily Herald: Your town. Your neighbors. Your Newspaper.: "Double bed size mattress & springs. $20 for both. 375-9678"
The Daily Herald: Your town. Your neighbors. Your Newspaper.: "Daybed, Ivory Metal with hearts & mattress. $65. 798-3973"
The Daily Herald: Your town. Your neighbors. Your Newspaper.: "Bunk bed, full bottom twin top, full mattress included $50 400-5858"
The Daily Herald :: Your Town, Your Neighbors, Your Newspaper: "'We thought, 'Everybody's doing it; It must be OK.' Then we got pushed off by the police,' Nicholson said.

The city of Cedar Hills has been fighting to keep residents off the newly opened golf course since the first snowfall in November, in order to avoid reseeding the hill this spring.

But with so many people tubing on the hill -- which has been a traditional sledding spot since before the golf course was built -- the city is backing down."

Civil disobedience in Utah!

Monday, January 12, 2004

When Running is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Run | Metafilter: " If you miss runs, you become irritable, listless, stressed and just kind of snappy. I think your body does start to depend on the chemicals that are released while running.

4) A lot of runs, maybe as much as 50% of them, you are going to feel like crap and not want to run."
Wired News: Errant E-Mail Shames RFID Backer: "The Grocery Manufacturers of America this week inadvertently sent an internal e-mail to CASPIAN suggesting it was looking for embarrassing information about the group's founder, Katherine Albrecht.

The e-mail, written by a college intern at GMA, reads, 'I don't know what to tell this woman! 'Well, actually we're trying to see if you have a juicy past that we could use against you.''

The intern earlier had asked Albrecht to produce her personal biography, 'as part of an RFID research project,' and became frustrated when Albrecht asked what GMA planned to do with the information, according to GMA spokesman Richard Martin. "
MIT FileMaker User Group: "FileMaker Custom Web Publishing

February 4, 2000

Kevin Cunningham

Skill Prerequisites. To create a working FileMaker-driven web site, you'll need to know three distinct skill sets:

FileMaker database design, including field definitions and layout design

HTML web page creation, including ability to work with source code CDML tags

FileMaker Links

If you are not already moderately skilled in the first two areas (FileMaker, HTML), you should not try to create a FileMaker web site until you master them. It's quite enough to be learning CDML, without having to be simultaneously learning FileMaker or web page basics!"

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Acid trip 5: "2 hours 35 minutes after first dose.

Patient follows quickly with another drawing.

'I'll do a drawing in one flourish... without stopping... one line, no break!'

Upon completing the drawing the patient starts laughing, then becomes startled by something on the floor."
jwz - I, for one, welcome our new Tom Ridgebot masters: "One of 115 life-like androids fashioned in the image of Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge watches as a foreign visitor gets fingerprinted and photographed at a US-VISIT station at Atlanta's airport. These 'Ridgebots' are expected to be deployed to 115 U.S. airports that handle international flights and 14 major seaports within the month.

'The Ridgebot is the most reliable computer ever made,' said the android. 'We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.' "

"The latest breakthrough in chocolate research comes from Emmanualle di Tomaso et al. who have found that chocolate contains pharmacologically active substances that mimic the effects of marijuana on the brain (Di Tomasso et al. 1996). The pursuit of this line of research came from the observations that chocolate cravings were associated with psychoses induced by

certain drugs, such as MDMA (Chianese 1992; Di Tomasso et al. 1996). This suggested that chocolate cravings and effects are more than a sensory experience of the nervous system they involve some sort of pharmacologically active substance. Even though earlier research had focused on methylxanthines (caffeine and theobromine), these scientists focused on another substance, anandamide. Anandamide is a member of a family of fatty acid ethanolamides composed of arachidonic acid coupled to ethanolamine through an amide linkage (Devane et al.


Within the last couple of years, anandamide has been recognized as an endogenous cannabimimetic, meaning that it a substance produced in the body that binds to cannabinoid receptors with high affinity and mimics the effects of plant-derived cannabinoids on established

behavioral patterns (Di Tomasso et al. 1996; Axelrod and Felder 1998). Anandamide is not a classical neurotransmitter in the sense that its hydrophobicity allows it to easily pass through plasma membranes limiting its ability to be stored in synaptic vesicles. Instead, it may be synthesized when needed at the plasma membrane (Axelrod and Felder 1998). The cannabinoid "
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "ATLANTA (Reuters) - The same family of chemicals that produces a buzz in marijuana smokers may be responsible for 'runner's high,' the euphoric feeling that some people get when they exercise, U.S. researchers say.

High levels of anandamide were found in young men who ran or cycled at a moderate rate for about an hour, according to a study made public this week by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of California, Irvine."
FileMaker Discussions - unable to sort data when using web companion: "Are you referencing the database &layout and do you have the fields on the layout being referenced?"
Google Search: filemaker referencing the database layout: "Is there a calculation involved in determining the layout number? If so, set a global number field in the second file to the result using any relationship (if there isn't one, create one based on a calc field in each file = 1) then use the Go to Layout by field value option, referencing the global number field. If there is no calculation involved, if merely choosing the button tells you which layout the user wants to go to, there is no reason to pass the number at all. Use the method described in my previous post."

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Wired News: Boatload of Car Gadgets Coming: "et Visteon sales rep Mel Sarnowsky said that's the precursor to what are essentially Internet-capable laptops docked to the back of headrests, due out in a couple of years. That system, demonstrated at CES but not yet perfected, would come with wireless keyboards that can be hidden inside the back-seat armrest. Web access would be provided through cellular communications, or through a high-speed link if the vehicle is in a Wi-Fi hotspot, Sarnowsky said."
MONSTER / **** (R): "And note that there is only one moment in the movie where she seems relaxed and at peace with herself; you will know the scene, and it will explain itself. This is one of the greatest performances in the history of the cinema."
MONSTER / **** (R): " confess that I walked into the screening not knowing who the star was, and that I did not recognize Charlize Theron until I read her name in the closing credits. Not many others will have that surprise; she was just honored as best actress of the year by the National Society of Film Critics. I didn't recognize her -- but more to the point, I hardly tried, because the performance is so focused and intense that it becomes a fact of life. Observe the way Theron controls her eyes in the film; there is not a flicker of inattention, as she urgently communicates what she is feeling and thinking. There's the uncanny sensation that Theron has forgotten the camera and the script and is directly channeling her ideas about Aileen Wuornos. She has made herself the instrument of this character."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "It would follow that a plausible story about living on even a
terraformed Mars would be about people living there for the same
reasons and in the same ways that people live in the harsher deserts on
Earth. They would be small tribes chased off of the good land,
hermits, prospectors, mystics, and bandits.

inkwell.vue 204: The 2004 Bruce Sterling State of the World Address
#67 of 75: Gail Williams (gail) Thu 08 Jan 2004 (09:56 AM)
Except that in the deep Mojave you meet those folks and they drifted there
with no money. You don't drift to Mars with no money in any kind of economy
I can imagine. I suppose you could be banished there in the Austrailian
prisoner settler model, but the economies are still not very plausible."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "I'll believe in people settling Mars at about the
same time I see people setting the Gobi Desert.
The Gobi Desert is about a thousand times
as hospitable as Mars and five hundred times
cheaper and easier to reach. Nobody ever
writes 'Gobi Desert Opera' because, well,
it's just kind of plonkingly obvious that there's
no good reason to go there and live. It's ugly,
it's inhospitable and there's no way to
make it pay. Mars is just the same, really.
We just romanticize it because it's so hard to reach.

On the other hand, there might really be some
way to make living in the Gobi Desert pay.
And if that were the case, and you really
had communities making a nice cheerful
go of daily life on arid, freezing, barren rock
and sand, then a cultural transfer to Mars
might make a certain sense.

If there were a society with enough technical
power to terraform Mars, they would
certainly do it. On the other hand.
by the time they got around to messing with Mars,
they would have been using all that power
to transform *themselves.* So by the time
they got there and started rebuilding the
Martian atmosphere wholesale, they wouldn't
look or act a whole lot like Hollywood extras."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "Yes, I was being polite about the manuals, which I still don't believe
too many people are reading. I just switched to Linux and I'm
surrounded by manuals and links to all the user groups I could find so
that I can get started learning it. From my experience I'm in the

I have friends who own their own small businesses and have virtually
no security to their computing networks because they don't want to
learn anything and just find it all too complicated. I think that's
probably the norm."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "The thing I find kind of scary about the Internet is that it's not
going to be too long before you can't turn it off without becoming some
sort of survivalist kook. Radio and TV have been around for decades
but you can easily do without them, plus the fact that there's so much
crappy radio and TV makes it not too hard to do. But in a decade or
two, I could see it being damned difficult to pay your bills,
correspond with friends, find a job, do your job, or shop without an
Internet connection."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "I guess what I'm thinking is that if the Net is what we are all going
to be using for the next 40 years or so as a primary method of
communication then it's up to us to educate ourselves accordingly.

RFM has been the catch phrase ever since I began pointing and
clicking 10 years ago. But it seems as the various digital technologies
interconnect with the Internet, people want to know even less and less
as to how it works and how to work with it."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "Gail Thackeray once told me that 15 percent of the population
was impeccably honest and would rather starve than steal.
And fifteen percent would steal anything not nailed down.
And the cause of law enforcement was to establish an
atmosphere of deterrence that would win the hearts and
minds of the remaining 70 percent."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "Even Microsoft itself can't keep up with their own patches.
Why should you have to do all that labor?
Just step off that treadmill there and buy
a different machine that isn't easy prey
to every cybercrook around. This offers the considerable benefit
that you don't have to act all conscientious about it
all the time. Bad design isn't your fault, but
it's your fault if you buy bad design, knowing
that it's bad. And it is."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "Probably the single thing I do personally that reduces the
crude havoc on the Internet is avoiding the Windows OS.
Use a Mac, for heaven's sake. Stop adding to the
pollution of viruses, and stop offering slave machines
that spew spam for others."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "I don't believe that the almighty majesty of the US Congress
is enough to stop globalized spam, but I also don't believe that the
of civilization are helpless before bandits. That is a counsel
of despair. Once you believe that legitimated government
is mere empty posturing, you will end up in living
in a Russian-style mafia kakistocracy. And you will
deserve that."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "It was a crazy year. Very. I'm glad to have survived it.

I don't believe in 'War on Terror,' but there's definitely
a titanic struggle going on. One side, the New World Order
side, has a capacity to wage war, so that's what they do,
even though that's not one of their best moves. The
other side is the New World Disorder, and they're
too disordered to throw any real wars, so they commit
mayhem on the tribal and individual level. An individual
wrapped in a belt-bomb, that's their cruise missile.
Their great hope is that War creates more Terror and
not less. It certainly worked for them in Chechnya
and Afghanistan."
Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "But if you're looking for a hotspot, the energy zone, the growth
region, and the place where the wierdos accrete, try NW Arkansas.


We've got Wal Mart and Tyson up here (and an overall strange
concentration of millionaires). Maybe we're not totally proud of them,
but we know a potential patron when we see one. ;) It's a wierd mix
of big business rubbing elbows with artsy earth hippies and renegade
hitech redneck artists.

Mmm, speaking of which, I was talking over a story with one of the
renegade artists in the area last night and got invited to a non-verbal
communication party. Apparently, from 10-12, anyone speaking,
writing, or mouthing/miming a word will be booted. Then a brief period
to blow off steam and discuss, followed by who knows how much more of
the same."
FileMaker Discussions - unable to sort data when using web companion: "Hi, I'm running os x 10.2.8.

I'm using filemaker pro 6.04 (latest)

I have the web companion set up to use port 591.

I can access the database remotely, but when I try to sort data by field, it only displays 4 field boxes, each labeled '-None-'. When I try to click on one of the dropdown menus, nothing comes out. The original data has 10 fields per record.

Does anyone know why I can't sort data using the web companion?

The probably appears in many different layouts, and when I try to access using different platforms and browsers.
Counterpoint: Downloading Isn’t Stealing (Aaron Swartz: The Weblog): "Downloading may be illegal. But 60 million people used Napster and only 50 million voted for Bush or Gore. We live in a democracy. If the people want to share files then the law should be changed to let them.
And there’s a fair way to change it. A Harvard professor found that a $60/yr. charge for broadband users would make up for all lost revenues. The government would give it to the affected artists and, in return, make downloading legal, sparking easier-to-use systems and more shared music. The artists get more money and you get more music. What’s unethical about that?"
Yahoo! News - IBM Issues a Linux Challenge: "IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Palmisano has challenged his company to move to the Linux (news - web sites) desktop over the next two years, according to an internal memo written by IBM Chief Information Officer Bob Greenberg in November and leaked to the Inquirer Web site."
Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog: "I should add that I do hate them, but I'm at the door of the poorhouse, and I'd be willing to shovel burned books behind a Barnes and Noble at this point. That's how desperate I am."

Friday, January 09, 2004

Yahoo! News - Lion Attacks O.C. Biker; Man Found Dead Nearby
The Infamous Exploding Whale: "There's been a story floating around the net for years about a beached whale that was blown up (exploded, not inflated) for lack of a better way to be rid of it. Many people thought it was an urban legend."

this is a fine link.
Here's my journal entry. I am learning.
Google Search: saturns are the easiest car to work on: "david, wow, your dealers reasonable? without mentioning which ones ( i have several around me) one of our dealers is banging people 400 and change.
not belittleing my own job but to spell it out for people being a mechanic, the saturn is the easiest car to work on i have encountered in the last 17 years ive been working on cars, yup, just as easy as any chevy 350, i jokingly call wanna be, butcher, or untrained mechanics a 350 mechanic with 350 mentality."
WireTap 1.0.0 - VersionTracker:: "Product Description:
WireTap is a free product for MacOS X 10.2 or later that allows you to record any audio playing on your Mac, saving it to a file for later listening or processing. This allows you to record news from Internet radio stations such as the BBC News, sound snippets from your favorite DVD movie, record the audio from a game, or even iChatAV conversations.
WireTap works using a simple tape recorder-like interface. Simply click the record button, and any audio playing through your Mac will be recorded to disk. WireTap can record any sound that is playing regardless of the source, so RealPlayer, iTunes, DVD Player, Windows Media Player, etc. are all supported.
The technology in WireTap will be coming to a future version of our video/screen capture product Snapz Pro X. WireTap is a completely free product."
Audio Recorder 1.3 - VersionTracker:: "Product Description:

Record from the default input device selected in the Sound preference panel
Save directly to an MP3 or AIFF file
Attach recording to a new Mail message after recording
AppleScript support
MP3 encoding with LAME version 3.93.1
AIFF encoding with LibSndFile version 1.0.3
Japanese localization by tai ("

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Paper Products: "Leather Notebook Cover
$13.50 *

$13.50 *
Made of durable and high quality black leather
Holds two 3' x 5' notebooks (top fold)
Fits easily in your shirt or back pocket

Holds two 3' x 5' notebooks (side fold)"
Errol Morris -> Main:

"Why It Makes Sense to Bite the Hand that feeds you:

1. Hand bound to betray you eventually. Preemptive strike. Get it before it gets you

2. Alleviate protein deficiency

3. Keep gums healthy

4. Hand less likely poisoned than food

5. Tastes good

6. Why not... ?"
Wellspring Data | FSP OS X Installation: "sudo cp FSP.php /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables


Four components must be configured:

FileMaker Pro
Assuming that you want Apache to field requests from user's browsers on the standard HTTP port 80, you'll need to set Web Companion to use some port other than 80. FMI has registered port 591 for this use, so we'll use that. Go to FileMaker Pro->Preferences->Application->Plug-ins->Web Companion to set the TCP/IP port number.

HTBY: How to: create a wonderful marriage: "How to: create a wonderful marriage
Submitted by: Bill and Marian
January 8, 2004 03:05 AM
sometimes going to bed angry is better than saying something you cant take back
Posted by anna at January 8, 2004 03:38 AM
Reward him with sex when he picks his socks up from the floor or takes out the garbage without being told."

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Yahoo! News - Kucinich Shows Pie Chart on Radio Debate: "DES MOINES, Iowa - Federal spending was the topic and Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich (news - web sites) came prepared with a pie chart to argue his point about a bloated Pentagon (news - web sites) budget.

But although many listened to Tuesday's presidential debate, few could see the Ohio congressman's prop.
The debate was broadcast only on National Public Radio. "

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

MySQL Manual | 2.2.3 Installing MySQL on Mac OS X: "Ok, for those of you who get this message 'mysqld ended' after installation, such as:

shell> cd /usr/local/mysql
shell> sudo ./bin/mysqld_safe
Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /usr/local/mysql/data
030507 11:51:57 mysqld ended
Marc Liyanage - Software - Mac OS X Packages - PostgreSQL: "Installation Instructions

NOTE: On Mac OS X 10.2, you have TO install Apple's latest Security Update first before installing this package. You will get errors regarding the 'libcrypto' library and related stuff otherwise.

NOTE: On Mac OS X 10.3, it seems you have to adjust some system configuration parameters first.

You must have administrator rights to perform this installation.

Do this to install for the first time (see below for update instructions):

1. On Mac OS X version 10.2/10.3: Download and install the package pgsql-7.4.pkg.tar.gz"

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 204: "D (1). Pearl Harbor Straight to Bretton Woods. Since there really is no military enemy to fight " - The net's largest script repository and discussion forum: "DaDaBIK is a PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable Web form interface for a MySQL database. The strength of DaDaBIK lies in its ability of customization. For each field of a table you can choose: if the field should be included or not in the search/insert/update form; the form label; the content of the field; the input type; the possible values, also driven from another table. Other features: files uploading, checking for possible duplication during an insert, customizable graphic layout to enable embedding of the forms in your own site. DaDaBIK differs from other apps like PHPMyAdmin in that it aims not to enable admin of a MySQL database, but rather to include MySQL search/insert/update/delete features in a Web site. Available in English, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish and French. " Project Info - Flat File DataBase (FFDB) for PHP: "Advanced PHP database for those without mySQL or similar dedicated databases. Supports many data types and advanced features through a simple PHP object API. Low-level implementation very efficient with indexes. Example code and database manager supplied."
FORWARD : Arts & Letters: "But in this new and important book, 'Stalin's Last Crime: The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors, 1948-1953,' Jonathan Brent and Vladimir P. Naumov argue that the Doctor's Plot was much more than just another attack on Jews. Using government and secret police documents hitherto unavailable to researchers, Brent and Naumov assert that the plot was orchestrated by Stalin to justify a new purge of the party and the police and to prepare the country for a war with the United States. The choreography of the plot was extremely complex and tied together many different events: the heart attack of Politburo member A.S. Shcherbakov in 1945; the Lysenko affair, in which a crackpot biologist promised to revolutionize Soviet agriculture and successfully terrorized his fellow scientists; the death of Politburo member Andrei Zhdanov in 1948; the execution of the Leningrad Party leadership in 1950, and the arrest of Ministry of State Security head Abakumov in 1951. All this played out against a backdrop of rising tension with the United States and Stalin's rabid suspicion that all Soviet Jews were potential American agents."
Michael Dirda ( "In another cartoon, a pair of determined hunters peer down at a third who is elaborately tied up in the middle of the woods. One says to the other: 'It's Jim Wilkins, Dave. Same as the others. Trussed up like a Christmas present with his hunting license stuffed in his mouth. . . . I want this bear, Dave. I want him bad.' In still one more, a wolf sporting a polka dot dress lies on a psychiatrist's couch and confesses to his beak-nosed therapist: 'You know, it was just supposed to be a way to trick this little girl . . . but off and on, I've been dressing up as a grandmother ever since.'"
Telegraph | Arts | How could Hitler happen?: "Yet no wholly satisfactory explanation can ever be forthcoming, about how one of the most educated and cultured societies on earth bowed itself to the will of a group of gangsters, whose ambitions were not merely evil, but beyond rationality. Hitler's colossal ignorance of the world in which he lived was at least as remarkable as his emotional power over the people whom he led to disaster."
Telegraph | Arts | How could Hitler happen?: "Most remarkable was the speed of the process. As late as 1929, the Nazis remained a fringe party. On January 30, 1933, Hitler was merely Chancellor of a coalition government, in a Reichstag still dominated by non-Nazi conservatives. By July 14, the one man sure of his purposes amidst a nation stricken by bewilderment, he had become ruler of a one-party state."
Telegraph | Arts | How could Hitler happen?: "Hitler could claim greater democratic legitimacy than Stalin, yet one of the author's central themes is that at no time did a majority of the German people take an electoral decision to surrender to Hitler. He became Chancellor in 1932 after winning 13.7 million votes - 37.4 per cent of all those cast - against 13.1 million for the Social Democrats and Communists in the Reichstag elections. Many post-1945 Western governments have ruled without much larger popular support, however, and few people have questioned their legitimacy.

Evans's point about the Nazi minority is well-taken. But it was surely the manner in which Hitler destroyed democratic institutions once he gained power that was exceptional, not the fragile base of popular support that got him into the chancellery.

The Reichstag fire in February 1933, in the midst of a new election campaign, provided the Nazis with a unique opportunity to embark upon a hysterical, brilliantly-orchestrated propaganda campaign, matched by a state-sponsored reign of terror against the Left."
The Case Against the Democratic State: An Essay in Cultural Criticism: "Graham once more has a response. Why should one believe that persuasion can work only in a democracy? Why are 'the good despot and the liberal oligarchs'(p.55) immune to persuasion? 'The democrat . . . would be very unwise to play down the significance of voicing opinions, since this is the only way, between elections, that democracy is to be distinguished from elective dictatorship.'(p.55)"
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "In recent years, much has been said about the post modernist claims about science to the effect that science is just another form of raw power, tricked out in special claims for truth-seeking and objectivity that really have no basis in fact. Science, we are told, is no better than any other undertaking. These ideas anger many scientists, and they anger me. But recent events have made me wonder if they are correct. We can take as an example the scientific reception accorded a Danish statistician, Bjorn Lomborg, who wrote a book called The Skeptical Environmentalist. "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "Sooner or later, we must form an independent research institute in this country. It must be funded by industry, by government, and by private philanthropy, both individuals and trusts. The money must be pooled, so that investigators do not know who is paying them. The institute must fund more than one team to do research in a particular area, and the verification of results will be a foregone requirement: teams will know their results will be checked by other groups. In many cases, those who decide how to gather the data will not gather it, and those who gather the data will not analyze it. If we were to address the land temperature records with such rigor, we would be well on our way to an understanding of exactly how much faith we can place in global warming, and therefore what seriousness we must address this. "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "But it is impossible to ignore how closely the history of global warming fits on the previous template for nuclear winter. Just as the earliest studies of nuclear winter stated that the uncertainties were so great that probabilites could never be known, so, too the first pronouncements on global warming argued strong limits on what could be determined with certainty about climate change. The 1995 IPCC draft report said, 'Any claims of positive detection of significant climate change are likely to remain controversial until uncertainties in the total natural variability of the climate system are reduced.' It also said, 'No study to date has positively attributed all or part of observed climate changes to anthropogenic causes.' Those statements were removed, and in their place appeared: 'The balance of evidence suggests a discernable human influence on climate.' "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "Let's think back to people in 1900 in, say, New York. If they worried about people in 2000, what would they worry about? Probably: Where would people get enough horses? And what would they do about all the horseshit? Horse pollution was bad in 1900, think how much worse it would be a century later, with so many more people riding horses? "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "Let's think back to people in 1900 in, say, New York. If they worried about people in 2000, what would they worry about? Probably: Where would people get enough horses? And what would they do about all the horseshit? Horse pollution was bad in 1900, think how much worse it would be a century later, with so many more people riding horses? "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "As with nuclear winter, bad science is used to promote what most people would consider good policy. I certainly think it is. I don't want people smoking around me. So who will speak out against banning second-hand smoke? Nobody, and if you do, you'll be branded a shill of RJ Reynolds. A big tobacco flunky. But the truth is that we now have a social policy supported by the grossest of superstitions. And we've given the EPA a bad lesson in how to behave in the future. We've told them that cheating is the way to succeed. "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "Further evidence of the political nature of the whole project can be found in the response to criticism. Although Richard Feynman was characteristically blunt, saying, 'I really don't think these guys know what they're talking about,' other prominent scientists were noticeably reticent. Freeman Dyson was quoted as saying 'It's an absolutely atrocious piece of science but"
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "They and other volunteers swabbed their noses with swabs from pellagra patients, and swallowed capsules containing scabs from pellagra rashes in what were called 'Goldberger's filth parties.' Nobody contracted pellagra. The consensus continued to disagree with him. There was, in addition, a social factor-southern States disliked the idea of poor diet as the cause, because it meant that social reform was required. They continued to deny it until the 1920s. Result-despite a twentieth century epidemic, the consensus took years to see the light. "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "Let's be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.

There is no such thing as consensus science. If it's consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus. Period. "
Caltech Michelin Lecture: "But Sagan and his coworkers were prepared, for nuclear winter was from the outset the subject of a well-orchestrated media campaign. The first announcement of nuclear winter appeared in an article by Sagan in the Sunday supplement, Parade. The very next day, a highly-publicized, high-profile conference on the long-term consequences of nuclear war was held in Washington, chaired by Carl Sagan and Paul Ehrlich, the most famous and media-savvy scientists of their generation. Sagan appeared on the Johnny Carson show 40 times. Ehrlich was on 25 times. Following the conference, there were press conferences, meetings with congressmen, and so on. The formal papers in Science came months later.

This is not the way science is done, it is the way products are sold. "
The Death of Horatio Alger: "The other day I found myself reading a leftist rag that made outrageous claims about America. It said that we are becoming a society in which the poor tend to stay poor, no matter how hard they work; in which sons are much more likely to inherit the socioeconomic status of their father than they were a generation ago.

The name of the leftist rag? Business Week, which published an article titled 'Waking Up From the American Dream.' The article summarizes recent research showing that social mobility in the United States (which was never as high as legend had it) has declined considerably over the past few decades. If you put that research together with other research that shows a drastic increase in income and wealth inequality, you reach an uncomfortable conclusion: America looks more and more like a class-ridden society.

And guess what? Our political leaders are doing everything they can to fortify class inequality, while denouncing anyone who complains--or even points out what is happening--as a practitioner of 'class warfare.'

Let's talk first about the facts on income distribution. Thirty years ago we were a relatively middle-class nation. It had not always been thus: Gilded Age America was a highly unequal society, and it stayed that way through the 1920s. During the 1930s and '40s, however, America experienced what the economic historians Claudia Goldin and Robert Margo have dubbed the Great Compression: a drastic narrowing of income gaps, probably as a result of New Deal policies. And the new economic order persisted for more than a generation: Strong unions; taxes on inherited wealth, corporate profits and high incomes; close public scrutiny of corporate management--all helped to keep income gaps relatively small. The economy was hardly egalitarian, but a generation ago the gross inequalities of the 1920s seemed very distant."
As Folk Singer Supports Kerry, He Objects, Too: "Mr. Yarrow said that Mr. Kerry told him had seen information that justified the war. 'He said, `Peter, I'm on the intelligence committee,' ' Mr. Yarrow said. 'I know they have weaponry, nuclear weaponry, and I have the absolute assurance they'll go only with the United Nations. He was like everybody else "

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Build your own Ogre(R): "Ogre Minis Construction Kit"
FM 23-10 Chptr 3 Marksmanship: "3-3. BREATH CONTROL
Breath control is important with respect to the aiming process. If the sniper breathes while trying to aim, the rise and fall of his chest causes the rifle to move. He must, therefore, accomplish sight alignment during breathing. To do this, he first inhales then exhales normally and stops at the moment of natural respiratory pause.
a. A respiratory cycle lasts 4 to 5 seconds. Inhalation and exhalation require only about 2 seconds. Thus, between each respiratory cycle there is a pause of 2 to 3 seconds. This pause can be extended to 10 seconds without any special effort or unpleasant sensations. The sniper should shoot during this pause when his breathing muscles relax. This avoids strain on his diaphragm.
b. A sniper should assume his firing position and breathe naturally until his hold begins to settle. Many snipers then take a slightly deeper breath, exhale, and pause, expecting to fire the shot during the pause. If the hold does not settle enough to allow the shot to be fired, the sniper resumes normal breathing and repeats the process.
c. The respiratory pause should never feel unnatural. If it is too long, the body suffers from oxygen deficiency and sends out signals to resume breathing. These signals produce involuntary movements in the diaphragm and interfere with the sniper's ability to concentrate. About 8 to 10 seconds is the maximum safe period for the respiratory pause. During multiple, rapid engagements, the breathing cycle should be forced through a rapid, shallow cycle between shots instead of trying to hold the breath or breathing. Firing should be accomplished at the forced respiratory pause. "
Major John Plaster on Police Sniper Training: "Patience and Discipline
By developing the qualities of patience and discipline through a concept referred to as, ``This is the last shot for the rest of my life,'' snipers become conditioned to regard each round fired in practice as a single, final event with an exact beginning, a definite end, and a standard for achievement. During range fire, they should individually remove each round from the cartridge box, load it, fire it, ``call'' it, observe the results through the spotting scope, and then record it.
Recording each shot individually is critical. Police snipers should each maintain a record book to note the history of their fire with a particular rifle. Not only does this help snipers to concentrate on each shot, but it also helps them identify minor deviations in the ``book'' data versus their rifle and ammunition. This generates information for the data card. For example, a sniper may learn that the first shot fired in practice--the so-called ``cold barrel zero''--could vary by several inches from subsequent shots. It's only through such exacting attention to detail that the sniper can develop into a precision marksman who focuses not on three-shot groups but on individual shots.
Snipers should pace their practice fire by mentally planning each shot, then analyzing it afterward. It is also useful to dry fire between each live-fire shot. Only five rounds should be fired into a single target to better focus the shooter's concentration. Also, accomplished marksmen should fire no more than 15-20 rounds total during a practice session to prevent them from sliding into undisciplined ``banging away.'' By habitually applying these proven techniques during practice fire, snipers develop the patience, concentration, and discipline critical for precision shooting. "
THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS / **** (R): "When people are building their careers, they need to prove they're better than their contemporaries. Those who win must then prove -- to themselves -- that they're as good as they used to be. Whether Remy was a good history professor is an interesting point (his son has to bribe three students to visit his bedside, but one of them later refuses to take the money). He certainly excelled in his lifestyle, as the lustiest and most Falstaffian of his circle, but every new conquest meant leaving someone behind -- and now, at the end, he seems to have left almost everyone behind."
Mac OS X: MySQL on Mac OS X: "You can now start mysql and perform a few important tasks, like setting a mysql password to protect the database itself. Note that, while starting the database requires system root privileges, actions within the database itself do not require system root privileges, but database root privileges. It is somewhat confusing that MySQL uses the account name 'root' for its all-powerful account, just as the system does, even though they are completely separate entities.

Starting mysql is accomplished with:"
MySQL Lists: mysql: Re: error 1130 : "Host not allowed to connect this server" ?: "GRANT SELECT, SHOW DATABASES ON *.* TO 'root'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD > 'xxx'"
Airliner torn apart in crash impact - "'All I can remember most is part of a child's leg floating still wearing its white sneaker. I could not make myself pick this up,' said Kazim, a technical search and rescue diver who rushed to the scene to help as soon as he heard the news.

'The rescuers were trying to chase away the sharks that were eating the bodies,' he said.

The smell was so bad most people helping in the clean-up operation got dizzy or vomited." :: PHP Scripts and Programs :: Database Tools (PHP Database Tools Scripts and Programs): "Enter your db information into the provided boxes, press a button, click the link and download your csv file. Very easy and you don't need to install anything. Script is available to download to run locally and securely on your own machine however. " :: PHP Scripts and Programs :: Database Tools (PHP Database Tools Scripts and Programs): "phpFriendlyAdmin is a remote database administration tool made specifically for non-technical people. After your database is set up, phpFriendlyAdmin is then configured to abstract database structure, making it easier for users to focus on manipulating content. Every field and table is given an alias and a description so as to bypass the complexity of interacting with database variables and offer a simplified form-driven approach to data entry. "