Friday, February 10, 2006

Social Aspects of Information Technology: "Brief Annotated

Semiotics, Compassion
and Value-Driven Design, by Joseph Goguen. Slides for keynote
address at conference on Sociology of Informatics, Kyoto University, 13-14
December 2005; discusses semi-formal application of algebraic semiotics to
software design, emphasizing the roles of values and compassion.

Ontology, Society, and
Ontotheology, in Proceedings, Conference on Formal Ontology in Information
Systems (FOIS'04); a postscript
version is also available, as is the
abstract. Marshalls ideas from philosophy, cognitive science, and
sociology, in an attempt to discern some limitations of ontologies in the
computer science technical sense. See also Workshop on Potential of
Cognitive Semantics for Ontologies, for which this is was keynote address.

Against Technological
Determinism; a short essay defining technological determinism and
pointing out its dangers; in CVS:
Concurrency, Versioning and Systems, edited by Jon Phillips, and also in Scale, volume 1, no. 5, pages 19-22. The
original html version is also
available on the CSE 275 website. ?

A blog, with notes on sociology of technology,
logic, computer science, life, and all that. Note: The blog has
partially recovered from a serious security bug in its underlying Pivot
system: it is readable and writable, but RSS feeds and archiving do not work.

Semiotics, Compassion and
Value-Centered Design, by Joseph Goguen. Discusses the informal
application of algebraic semiotics to large scale design problems, such as
organizations, and brings in the role of compassion. Keynote lecture, in
Proceedings of the
Organizational Semiotics Workshop, University of Reading, UK, 11 - 12
July 2003. Slides for the talk
and the original abstract are also
available. ?"

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