Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mycoplasmosis in Rats

Mycoplasmosis in Rats: "Possible Causes

Ammonia is a contributing factor.� Ammonia build up can come from poor cage ventilation, dirty conditions and over crowding.� If you use an aquarium as a cage, make sure there is a wire roof to let plenty of air in, aquariums must be cleaned more often than a wire cage.�

Older animals are more susceptible, as are those with lowered immune systems for instance, recovering from an operation.� Also rats which are inbred may be more susceptible, so watch out for rats in pet shops!� There may be problems with certain colour strains, such as the Blue, which is more inbred than many other colours, (this is mainly conjecture), but it is good breeding practice to out cross regularly!�"

Our rat is sick and blue.

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