Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan: "It's worth recalling what this primary came to be about, because of a self-conscious decision by the Clintons to adopt the tactics and politics of the people who persecuted and hounded them in the 1990s. It was indeed in the end about smearing and labeling Obama as a far-left, atheist, elite, pansy Godless snob fraud. That was almost all it came to be about. It was the Clintons' core message and core belief. And if anywhere would have proved its salience, it would surely have been beleaguered and depressed central and western Pennsylvania; and it would surely have worked with white ethnic voters over 50.

It did work, it seems to me. It will work, to some extent. It's valid in the sense that Rove is not stupid. But it works less and less the younger the vote is; and it is obviously losing some of its divisive salience even among the older generation. It is fading as a tool."

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Joie de Vive said...

It seems to me, after watching Fareed Zacharius.s ,,,sp? that it would be best for everyone to step aside from their egos and look at the wider picture....we are falling vbehind, have fallen behind our path to the future in jobs, education and moral standing (Congress in particular)among the world communites. Everyone needs to work together to get us successfully through this Technology Revolution Successfully. We need honesty about the real problems that face this country. We need to involve the ekders, the middle and youngest generation in talks to understand how everyone can work on our existing programs in the US, entitlements and Education of our work forces 50 and over on how and what to retrain for, jobs, new jobs which will lead us out of this current quamire...sp? Let's get honest we will have to stream line everything especially education, science, math and don't forget the arts. We need every creative thinker we have, young and older to come up with solutions. LET'S GET HONEST AND STARTED.