Saturday, May 03, 2008

Footprints At The River's Edge

Footprints At The River's Edge: "City after city, when they'd find the spot where the body went in, they would find something else: The symbol of a smiley face. 'It's very disturbing,' Duarte said. The paint color and size of the face varies, but the detectives are convinced that it's a sick signature the killers leave behind. They found one eight years ago in Wisconsin and then others in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Then most recently, they believe they've found one in Iowa. In Michigan, they found something strange among the groups graffiti, the word 'Sinsiniwa.' They couldn't figure out what it meant until a few months later when they arrived in Dubuque, Iowa to investigate the death of Matt Kruziki. His body was found on Sinsiniwa Avenue. Plus, they've discovered the nicknames of people in the group at more than one location."

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