Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Beretta XX-Treme Review - CO2 Pistols. Review of 131653: "The Beretta XX-Treme goodness out weighs the pistol's bad point's by a mile away. The pistol at first seem to be oily, extremely, and stiff. I stripped it down to gun only, thus taking the red dot, rail, off. I took all the external screws out and fitted each screw with Nut Lock. Which would eliminate screws from coming loose. The pistol is very powerful for the first 10 shots, slight recoil. The suppressor kind of works, if you want it to work better just add selotape around the front 2 rows of holes, then silencing would be improved greatly. The co2 screw, would need to be removed and regreased as this might get jammed, having you to get pliers and loosening it. It comes with a huge abs carry case, for putting the pistol, tin of pellets tools, 4 co2 cans. The suppressor is a screw fit on, which can be easily removed without the presence of a tool. However you do have to carry around a coin, as the red do needs to adjusted (elevation), I wouldn't worry about windage once you centre the windage you'll never have to do it again."

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