Monday, August 29, 2005

[Mailman-Users] For the Record: How to install Mailman on OS X Server...: "My new hero, Ken Case of OmniGroup, was kind enough to pass along these instructions on how to get Mailman to install on OS X Server: At 5:19 PM -0700 7/5/00, Ken Case wrote: >The default C preprocessor shipped by Apple has some bugs which >don't exist in the traditional C preprocessor: to work around this, >add '-traditional-cpp' to your C compiler flags. (For some reason, >configure knows to include '-traditional-cpp' in 'CPP' but doesn't >automatically include it in 'OPT'.) > >I did this after the fact by editing config.status and changing the >'OPT' setting from '-g -O2' to '-traditional-cpp -g -O2', then >running './config.status' to rebuild the makefiles using my new >settings. I suspect you could also do it by passing >'OPT='-traditional-cpp -g -O2'' on the command line when you run >./configure. I did this and got the program to install all the way. I haven't gone any further, and I'll undoubtedly hit other snags, but this piece of advice seems to have done the trick for the installation. Thanks, Ken! "

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