Sunday, November 27, 2005

Majikthise : What is the "Foundation for a Better Life"?: "The problem is that this organization isn't truly nonpartisan. Although it refuses to explicity get involved in politics, it's a bit disingenous. Those of us who are used to parsing political rhetoric know what's going on when we see something that suggests societal problems are the result of a lack of personal accountability and responsibility, rather than the result of poverty, consumerism, corporate welfare, and neglect of basic working class needs such as living wage and health care. I don't have any argument with the values themselves, obviously; but this is just another attempt to blace the blame for American societal ills, and responsibility for changing them, on the victims of a system designed to encourage the further enrichment of the rich and shrink the social safety net. The very people who have the least to work with."

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Blue Cross of California said...

A foundation for a better life sure would be better health care as it would help many in our health care crisis.