Monday, December 27, 2004

Cracked block, anybody seen this before?[200/85]: "Cracked block....JB Weld type....If you can get to the damaged area...there are two products I have used on industrial engines very successfully...each is a cold paste applied polymeric type poduct...not cheap but it works when done correctly..look for THORTEX (try or BELZONA ( not sure of their web)...cost several hundred dollars for the kit....but well worth any repair (weld, filling, etc.) the crack must be terminated (drill a hole at each end of crack as well as each turn or split off of crack) to prevent 'crack creep'...'V' out crack between drilled holes...clean and decrease the repair area with a good decreaser (usually comes with kit) which leaves no residue...the secret here is CLEAN...mix the two part paste, wet out the area with the paste and smear it on.....let cure or help it along with a hair dryer....if you get the kit follow instruction to a 'T'...I have done off road vehicle engines as well as large truck engines (diesel and gas) and auto engines...either product is not for use in high heat areas (exhaust flanges, pipes, headers, combustion chambers, etc.) Takes a good days work (and then some) to do the job. Hope this helps...and have a Merry !!"

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