Thursday, October 20, 2005

BGG Thread: Don't weaken it and then let someone else finish it off: "Ok, so quickly then, in the 4 player game, we played 9 turns. Blue controlled the monster the first turn. He tried to destroy red's stadium, but she lucked out and Blue had to settle for using Godran to kill some old folks in the housing complex. The military is incredibly weak (and out of position) in the first part of the game. I think most of us really spent a lot on origin research early on, but my (yellow) megayen went into tanks, paratroopers, and helicopters. (Is anyone surprised?) I also spent 75 on a secret weapon without doing research first (you don't have to commit until you are at 200 anyway).

After the monster, the military started creeping in from all sides (a long ways from the monster) "

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