Friday, October 21, 2005

MiniatureWargaming: "A Sky Full of Ships
A Sky Full of Ships, is one of Dan Abbott's 'Fast and Simple' free wargames rules. Like all good science fiction fleet rules, it uses a movement system that takes into account momentum, and allows gamers to design a wide variety of ships. Dan writes: I first started space gaming with several little known rule sets many years ago, but soon heard about, and started using Star Fleet Battles. An excellent game for its time, I played it for several years but as it got more and more complicated, I started to feel like I needed to study the game like a college course just to play it. I moved on. I quit playing space combat games for a while, but then I discovered Full Thrust. In no time I was back playing everything from tiny single ship actions, to huge multi-player campaigns. I still play (and enjoy) this game. But there was a problem. Although great for small battles, its game mechanics for combat took too long to work out in large fleet actions. For us, this lead to boring pauses in large multi player games while you waited for your opponents to fire large ships. Motivated by the release of Fleet Scale Babylon 5 miniatures from Agents of Gaming, I started mixing & matching ideas and soon these rules were born. I used simplified game mechanics and a stream lined turn sequence so that huge battles could be played quickly & easily using large fleets of ships. Hope you enjoy

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