Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thesis and Dissertation Binding Service: "To Have a Dissertation Bound

Bring the following to the HBLL Business Office (2062 HBLL Phone: 801-422-4779):

* One copy of your thesis for every copy you want bound -Example: If you are ordering 6 copies, you must bring 6 copies
o Each copy must be in a separate manila envelope (we have extra envelopes in our office if you need them)
o We are not involved in the specifications for margins, fonts, types of paper, etc. Please direct questions concerning these guidelines to your department or the graduate studies website.
* An extra copy of the title page and abstract (This can be on any type of paper.)
* Your completed 8D form
o Ask your department or graduate studies for a blank form
o Personal copies are sent to the address on this form
o Department Approval: You MUST have BOTH signatures
* Your completed UMI form (must be signed on the back)
* Payment by check, exact cash (we don’t have change), credit or debit card
o Make checks payable to BYU"

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