Saturday, March 26, 2005

Playing Video-CD's on PlayStation with Demo One: "Okay, heres my prob. I got the avi2str thing, uncompressed the video, yaddayaddayadda. But then when i go to convert, i keep getting the 'unknown error' message. I've tried like 5 diffrenet ersions of virtualDUB, like a billion different video's, redownloaded the avi2str thing like 3 times, and even tried all te cpompatibility options (i got xp home), but still, unknown error. some videos will convert, but only the first few thousand frames. I got the gameshark which i happen to use as my modchip, cheating device, and str player all in one, but i cant get the stupid program to work. Anyone else got any advice or have fixed this prob? Oh ya, for those who want my iso of my gameshark, buy it on ebay folks cuz i aint sendin it. And for those of you who keep sayin give up on the project, go bother someone else, i hate when people come into boards and just post crap that doesn't help anyone and for the most part is just not true. anyway, for those of you still loyal to this, keep up the good work and if u find out how to fix the prob, send me mail, k. C-ya

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