Monday, December 19, 2005

BGG Thread: User Review: "One possible bit of confusion that might have influenced Tom's review is the incorrect translation of the 'Rotate' card, which in fact means 'take a pawn from one end, move it to the other end, and shift the whole line down one to take its place.' I just picked this one up as well, since a) it looks great and b) someone said it was going out of print soon. From what I read in the rules, there is some pretty great variety in the kinds of maneuvering you can do with the cards, but I think you have to have a certain mind-set or ability to visualize several moves ahead. People who don't like abstracts or have trouble visualizing several transformations ahead will understandably have trouble with Phoenix. Just remember the cards are very versatile...although some only allow you to move or swap pieces a few positions away, it can be either to the left OR the right, and it does NOT dictate which pieces can be switched. In other words, the move doesn't have to look exactly like it looks on the card. Finally, if a five card hand doesn't give you enough choices, you could always bump it up to six or even seven cards with little impact on game balance I think."

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