Friday, December 09, 2005 - Reviews - States of Grace: "Whereas 'God's Army''God's Army' focused on a longtime missionary and his wet-behind-the-ears protege, 'States of Grace' finds a similar dynamic in the relationship between Elder Lozano (Ignacio Serricchio), a Latino missionary who's literally counting the days until the end of his mission, and Elder Farrell (Lucas Fleischer), a wide-eyed rube seemingly immune to cynicism.New pic's tone is established early on, when the streets of Venice, Calif., become the backdrop for a nerve-jangling drive-by shooting, with Lozano and Farrell caught in the fray. When the hail of bullets stops, they come to the aid of the intended victim, African-American gang member Carl (Lamont Stephens).When Lozano rips off his shirt to make a bandage, he reveals a body filled with gang tattoos and scars from bullet wounds -- vestiges of the life he led before he found God."

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