Thursday, December 01, 2005

Circus Minimus Errata: "Circus
Minimus Advanced Chariot Capture Rules Revised

Advanced Chariot Capture Rules: These are
optional, use them instead of the regular rules for chariot
jumping/capture if you like (we all find them to be a great hoot). In
any case where a dismounted charioteer tries to get aboard another
manned chariot (by jumping off the median or during the corpse move
(moving the two spaces available to the running guy), roll one die to
see if the attempt was successful. On a 5 or 6, the running
charioteer successfully mounts the chariot (original driver remains
in place) on any other roll, he is simply in that space, dismounted
as before. There is no limit to the number of charioteers that can be
in one chariot (but I?ve never seen more than two...).

The chariot?s owner (the guy driving it when
somebody jumps in) continues to drive his chariot normally (beware of
the weapon restrictions based on Control can choose
hard whip, just don?t expect to use your sword, too). The chariot
behaves normally for the owning player.

During each move with such an arrangement in
play, the corpse attacks once in his move (or he can jump off and
give up). During the chariot?s move, the driver moves normally, can
attack to running guy once, or can jump off himself.

If (when?) one of the two guys gets killed in
the fistfight, drop the corpse on the track at that point. The
fistfight continues each move until someone is killed or gives

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