Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alex Bogusky - ihaveanidea

Alex Bogusky - ihaveanidea: "haveanidea: Talking about planning: someone once said that planning was “research done right”. Now when I look at the number of times your campaigns have really hit the sweet spot, it seems to me that Crispin Porter Bogusky’s strategic planning is “strategic planning done right”. Can you tell me a bit more about your so-called Cognitive and Cultural Studies department?
Alex: Looking at planning and trying to understand how to perfect it, we realized that planning is an extremely advertising centered thing. So we started bringing in people from universities like sociologists or anthropologists. We still have planners who were brought up in agencies but we have these scientists too who are sometimes such brain jars they can’t really take a meeting with the client.

ihaveanidea: You mean they are nerds?
Alex: Let’s call them academia."

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