Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Phat Liar - March 26, 2008

Big Phat Liar - March 26, 2008: "In an October 2003 letter to a federal judge preparing to sentence his son on fraud and identity theft counts, Peter Sabatino recalled that James was a successful child model whose mother, an unknown B-movie actress, 'projected all of her dreams of fame and fortune onto her son.' When James was 11, Peter wrote, the boy's mother left home, never to come back. 'Shortly thereafter, I received a call from James' teacher that James had told her his mother had died in a car accident. Obviously this wasn't true but was his way of resolving the matter in his head and his heart.'

From that point, James's behavior spiraled out of control and he was 'expelled from twelve different schools, parochial, private and finally public.' At one point he even spent 30 days in a psychiatric facility. The only thing that calmed James, his father wrote, was long hours in front of the television, where the boy would 'anxiously wait for the credits and write down the names of producers, directors and others that he felt were influential in the production."

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