Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rediff On The NeT: "Paedophile" Arthur C Clarke sparks protests in Lanka

Rediff On The NeT: "Paedophile" Arthur C Clarke sparks protests in Lanka: "'Paedophile' Arthur C Clarke sparks protests in Lanka

Child right activists in Sri Lanka have expressed shock over science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke's confession in a newspaper interview of a life of paedophilia and called for his deportation just around the time Prince Charles was to knight him.

Clarke, 80, widely regarded as a visionary and author of the celebrated 2001: A Space Odyssey and some 80 other books, was quoted as saying in the interview published in London's Sunday Mirror that having sex with children was all right.

''Once they have reached the age of puberty, it is OK... It doesn't do any harm,'' said Clarke, who has lived in Sri Lanka for 40 years.

'I am trying to think of the youngest boy I have ever had because, of course, you can't tell it here. I think most of the damage comes from the fuss made by hysterical parents afterwards. If the kids don't mind, fair enough,'' he was reported to have said in the interview which was conducted at his house."

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Anonymous said...

Clarke was investigated by the authorities and found (after a two year investigation) to be completely innocent of such accusations - The allegations come from an English tabloid 'The Sunday Mirror' which then apoligised

Do your bloody research before posting this kind of stuff.